#BBWSUSA: Samantha Philipp 5-8 Guard 2023 (CT)

Basketball Wall Street: Samantha Philipp 5-8 Guard 2023 (CT) 

Name: Samantha Philipp
Height: 5-8
Position: Guard
Class: 2023
School: Norwalk High School (CT)
GPA: 3.9 – Status: High Academic
Travel Club: CT Premier – @CTPremierGBB
Twitter: @PhillippSamantha
Extracurricular Activities: Lacrosse – Class of ’23 Secretary


Some of the goals I have as as student athlete are to succeed highly in both sports and academics as well as balancing the two and keeping a healthy mental state. Balancing the two is super important to me but I also have to remember that academics come first and if I don’t have good grades my goals I want to achieve in basketball cant be reached.


  • Fundamentally Sound
  • Shooting & Scoring Ability
  • Fell for the game – High IQ
  • Ball-Handling & Passing Skills
  • On-Ball Defensive Concepts
  • High Motor – Wing-Span
  • Competes on every play

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