Basketball Wall Street: PassThaBall Next 100 Middle School Showcase – New Jersey

Basketball Wall Street USA: “The PassThaBall Next 100 Middle School Showcase New Jersey”

The PassThaBall middle school event showcased a talented group of young student-athletes from in and around the greater New Jersey, New York area.  The following prospects were evaluated by Basketball Wall Street USA.

Skye Hunter 5-9 (G) 2025 (NJ) Ideal size as a big PG with wingspan; Elite vision that recognizes cutters; Sharp crossover dribble breaks down defenders.

Jordyn Jackson 5-11 (G/W) 2026 (NJ) Great positional size & physical profile; Multi-faceted offensive game; Innate ability to rebound & initiate transition game down hill.

Priyanka Ponnam 6-2 (F) 2025 (NJ) Fluid face-up forward that is intelligent enough to back smaller defenders down; Pick & pop ability; Defends the painted area.

Callie Mullin 5-0 (PG) 2026 (NY) Selfless play-maker with a high IQ; Possess the ability to run a half-court set; Reliable ball-handler.

Briana Holt 6-1 (P) 2026 (NJ) Plays inside to the mid-post area; South-paw finisher through contact; Nice level of mobility; Rebounds with regularity.

Emma Olausson 5-7 (G) 2025 (CT) Creative scorer in transition; Angle driver with touch off the glass as a finisher.

Madison Kocis 5-7 (G) 2026 (NJ) Polished ball-handling skills; Step-back & Side-step 3; Drive draw & dish ability; High IQ.

Sofia Valente 5-10 (G) 2025 (NJ) Productive all-around skill-set; Plays well off the ball with scoring ability & smart shot selection.

Juliet Schwartz 5-9 (G) 2025 (NJ) Big guard that can score from the perimeter with a solid shooting stroke; consistently competes on every play.

Angelina Hodgens 5-4 (PG) 2025 (NY) Elusive ball-handler with play-making ability; Makes smart reads; 3-pt shooting in place.

Vee Aviles 5-6 (G) 2025 (NY) Combo-guard that plays under control & with a good pace; Off the dribble shooting; Half-court vision;

Aliyah Lambo 5-9 (G) 2025 (NJ) Consistent shooting & scoring ability; Length & size on the perimeter as defender or weak side rebounder.

Lexi Carnegie 5-8 (G) 2026 (NJ) Slasher with a quick first step; Great hands & finishing ability around the rim; Active on-ball defender.

Stella Lockhart 5-9 (G/F) 2026 (NJ) Power guard/wing with a D1 physique; Can score from the high-post or baseline area; Rotates well defensively.

Zahniya Castillo 5-11 (F) 2026 (NJ) High motor power forward; Relentless rebounder & defender with an emerging skill-set.

Jayah Curtis 5-7 (G) 2026 (NJ) Athletic slasher; Confident and effective dribble drive attack & finish; Solid on-ball defensive concepts.

Taleiyah Smith 5-5 (PG) 2027 (NJ) Floor general; Attacks and penetrates into the lane; Tough shot-maker; Shifty ball-handler.

Danny Amaro 5-2 (G) 2027 (NY) Steady young PG with good ball-handling skills
& court awareness; Active hands & quick feet defensively.

Aylei Gordon 5-3 (PG) 2027 (NJ) Ability to create plays; Speed & quickness in the open floor; Plays pressure defense.

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