#BBWSUSA: Cameron Rust 6-2 (W) 2024 (MA)

unnamed (79)

Name: Cameron Rust
Height: 6-2
Position: Wing
Class: 2024
School: Worcester Academy (MA)
GPA: 3.8 – Status: High Academic
Main Subjects: Science – Interior Design – Architecture
Travel Club: Exodus NYC 
Twitter: @CameronRust6
Extracurricular Activities/Volunteer Work: “I consider myself a social justice warrior. I advocate for fair treatment and righteousness for people in our country who have historically been disenfranchised and marginalized. I was very fortunate to attend the Gordon School, a multicultural, diverse and progressive school, from first thru eighth grade. Civil rights and social justice are in my heart.”


  • Elite Size & Versatility
  • Scoring At All Three Levels
  • High Motor – Run The Floor Well
  • Finishing Through Contact
  • Feel For The Game – Intangibles
  • High Basketball IQ – Rebounding 
  • Ability To Create Plays 


“To be the most well-rounded person, student and best basketball player I can be and strive each and every day to reach my fullest potential. To outwork everybody in the gym — boys, girls, women or men — I mean everybody!! As I live by the words: “Hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard.”

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