Basketball Wall Street – Riley Cassidy 5-10 (G) 2022 (PA)

Name: Riley Cassidy
Height: 5-10
Position: Guard/Wing
Class: 2022 School: The Episcopal Academy (PA) GPA: 3.8 – Status: High Academic
Travel Club: All In Hoops (PA)
Twitter: @rileycass23

Extracurricular Activities/Volunteer Work: Highly involved in multiple activities. Elected to “Student Vestry” at Episcopal, which organizes speakers for Chapel Services for the student body. Also includes organizing charitable social outreach in the surrounding Philadelphia area, ie Thanksgiving Food Drive, Christmas gift drive for those in need.


    • Fundamentally Sound
    • Size For Position
    • Elite Shooting Ability
    • Court Vision – High IQ
    • Ambidextrous Feel for the game
    • Rebounding – Active Defender


“First and foremost, academics is most important to me. I’m looking for a college or university that is high academic coupled with a competitive women’s basketball program in order to achieve all of my goals as a student-athlete.”

Student-Athlete Experience

“The Episcopal Academy has very high academic standards, therefore, I take on a rigorous course load made up of both “honors and AP” classes. I’m looking to focus on something in the medical field.”

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