#BBWSUSA: Blue Chips Elite Camp


Kayla Lemelle 5-7 (PG) 2022 Harrisburg (PA)  

Big guard with length and a good feel for the game. She, also thrives in an uptempo transition game, with the ability to finish at the rim at a high rate or drive-draw and dish to open teammates. Robinson, travels with the IExcel 16U team coached by Dennis Avila.



Productive guard prospect, with a versatile south-paw game. She is also a physical angle and baseline driver off the dribble. Smith, plays a tough brand of defense going into her final season at Life Center Academy (NJ), look for her to have a strong senior year.


Julz Kost 5-9 (G) 2021 Shelton HS (CT) 

Power guard with a high IQ and sharp passing skills, she also rebounds her area well. Kost, also possess catch & shoot ability from 3-pt range and is a high academic prospect ready to enter her senior year on ah high note.


Camryn Felix 5-7 (G) 2022 Gettysburg HS (PA) 

Shifty guard with a good skill-set, that excels in a half court set with a consistent perimeter game. Her ball-handling is above level and her vision is in place as a combo-guard prospect. Look for Felix to have a productive junior year.


Kaila Berry 5-11 (G/W) 2022 St John’s Prep (NY) 

Elusive wing prospect, with a solid face-up game and a quick first step. 5-foot-11 with a 6-2 wing-span, she is a mid-range game producer and a strong defender at this stage in her development. Berry, plays for the Under Armour New Heights program lead by Walter Welch.


Amoni Bryd 5-9 (G) 2022 Archbishop Molloy (NY) 


Iris Azcona 5-9 (G) 2022 Trenton Catholic (NJ)

High academic D1 prospect that is a consistent shooter with good form and follow through. She also exhibited tough defensive concepts and played well without the basketball as a scorer. Azcona, recently committed to Butler University. 


Emerging prospect that possess an elite level of dexterity for someone of her stature. Her versatile offensive game includes, polished perimeter shooting, face-up ability, and a back to the basket game with finesse. Toomey, is a stock riser in the 2023 class and plays for the North East PA travel club. 


Gabrielle Kennerly 5-10 (G) 2023 Howard (MD) 

High octane guard, who is a run & jump athlete that utilize angles well with her slashing ability as a fluid ball-handler and scorer. She is an elite and versatile defender playing on-ball or in the passing lanes. Kennerly, travels with the the PowerMove Under Armour program.



Emerging D1 prospect  that is a good scorer from the wing area, she keeps defenders honest by always being on attack mode. Her size and strength enables her to finish through contact. Wooden, can also score from 3-pt range, she plays for the Bria Holmes Elite Travel Club based out of Connecticut. Look for her to have a stellar sophomore season, and for her stock to rise as a prospect.


Sarah Hughes 5-6 (PG) 2023 Ranney School (NJ) 


Lauren Beberman 5-10 (G/W) 2023 Mahopac (NY)


Endya Green 6-0 (W) 2022 Brooklyn Law & Tech (NY)

Versatile, power wing with a strong D1 build, she exhibited a solid all-around game rebounding her position well, and displayed a jab-step, face-up game that was physical and effective. Look for Greene to be a standout junior player in the Public School Athletic League.

Delaney Finnegan 5-10 (G) 2023 Archbishop Wood (PA)

Offensive minded slasher that finishes well in traffic, pushes tempo after rebounds. Confident scorer with size and length, look for Finnegan to have a great sophomore season at Wood for veteran coach Mike McDonald.


Natalie Fox 6-2 (WF) 2024 Millbrook School (NY)

Versatile offensive threat with impeccable hands and footwork, making her a great low to mid post scorer with catch & shoot and face-up ability in place. This 2024 prospect with a high upside showcased great size, IQ, and the rationale to be coached. Fox, plays for the New York Xtreme travel club lead by Kristen Dini.


Caitlin Kenney 5-11 (G/W) 2024 Mineola (NY) 


Isabella Asencio 5-4 (PG) 2023 Immaculate Heart (NJ) 

Evolving D1 point-guard with jet-speed and sound decision making skills. She showcased strong dribble penetration skills as a facilitator and as a consistent perimeter scorer raisin her stock in the 2023 class. Asencio, plays for the New Jersey Freedom travel club.


Jillian Oresky 6-1 (WF) 2023 Syosset (NY)

Agile wing prospect with an emerging face-up game, she is effective driving baseline or from the foul line extended area. Defensively, she rotates to contest shots and is a tough rebounder in space. Oresky, is also a very high academic prospect, look for her to have an outstanding sophomore season.


Zoe Mesuch 5-4 (PG) 2025 Wallkill (NY)

Dynamic shot-maker with an expansive offensive arsenal including, step-back and side-step maneuvers. Reads and reacts to defense well early in  her development as a prospect. At this point, her game is reminiscent to ex Michigan star Katlyn Flaherty. Mesuch plays for the New York Xtreme Travel Club. 

Olivia Agunzo 5-7 (PG) 2023 Division (NY) 

Young combo guard prospect with a scorers mentality, creates separation in her offensive attack which consists of perimeter shooting off the dribble drive attacks or screens. She also showcased d1 speed and quickness to go along with a high basketball IQ. Agunzo, plays for the Long Island Lightning travel club. 


Angelina Hodgens 5-3 (PG) 2025  (NY)

Savvy young PG prospect displayed major potential with the aptitude to run an offense and get her teammates involved. At this point, she is also a polished ball-handler with the ability to create her shot. Hodgens, plays for the Nike Exodus NYC travel club.

Madison Carlo 5-7 2024 (G) John F Kennedy Prep (NY) 

Carlo can create and penetrate well of the dribble with the ability to be a scorer in the open floor or in a half-court set. She is a good athlete with a quick first step and on-ball defensive concepts in place. Carlo, also exhibited solid shooting form and follow through on her jumper, look for her to be a early contributor at JFK in Somers. 


Sarah Buhrmeister 6-3 (P) 2023 Center Reach (NY)

D1 size and body as a bruising post with an emerging skill-set. At this point in her development as a prospect she rebounds her position and passes well out of the double-teams to find open teammates. Buhrmeister, plays for the New York Premier Basketball Travel Club. 

Molly Keaveney 5-9 (G) 2024 Green Farms Academy (CT) 

Fundamentally sound young guard prospect with an evolving skill-set, she is a fluid athlete that can play on or off the ball. Keaveny, is a consistent shooter in the mid-grange area to the 3-pt arc. 


Micheala Ligon 5-7 (G) 2023 (NY)

Plays well on the baseline, capable scorer in the lane and from the mid-range area. Her physicality sets her part, utilizing good body control in the lane to finish through contact. Ligon, runs with the Long Island Lightning travel club.

Reese Carlo 5-4 (PG) 2026  (NY) 

Confident young player with sharp court awareness and vision as a point-guard. She also exhibited some quickness and solid ball-handling skills. Carlo, is on the radar as a future PG prospect due to her mature, under control approach. 





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