Basketball Wall Street: Stock Rising, New Jersey 2021 Prospect

Name: Jadyn Watson
Height: 6-1
Position: Forward 
Class: 2021
School: Morris Catholic H.S. (Danville – NJ)
Grade Point Average: 3.7
Travel Club: New Jersey Cardinals/ Team Sharp
Twitter: @jadyn_watson
Extracurricular Activities: Black Excellence & Art Clubs | Volunteer Work
Bloodlines: Mother and Aunt played D1 basketball

Recruiting Status: Watson is a versatile prospect that has been playing well on a consistent basis throughout the 2019-20 prep season, garnering several division one offers. However, she is working diligently on and off the court to be the best student-athlete she can be.


  • High Basketball IQ
  • Athleticism | Rebounding Skills
  • Versatile offensive game
  • Finishing through contact
  • Ability to create plays

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