Basketball Wall Street: TeamTakeOver, Living up to their Name, Doing Big Things on the Basketball Court”


Basketball Wall Street: TeamTakeOver, Living Up to Their Name, Doing Big Things on the Basketball Court

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Name: TeamTakeOver
Director: Ron James
Base: Maryland
Founded: 2013
Affiliation: Nike
Travel Club Status: 2019 Elite Youth Basketball Champions Chicago IL
Record: 98-4 (last 2 years)

The TeamTakeOver Girl’s Basketball program has just come off of their best season as a travel club, culminating the 2019 season with a Nike Elite Youth Basketball championship in Chicago. While there are many outstanding Nike sponsored travel clubs in the country, very few can say they have a EYBL chip under their belt. TTO, is now apart of that distinguished group along with: Cy Fair (TX) ; Dallas Fort Worth (DFW-TX) ; Essence (FL) ; California Stars ; California Storm ; California Swish ; Tennessee Flight ; All Iowa Attack; Georgia Metros ; The Family from Indiana; and Team Elite (GA) who won back to back titles. In 2008, under the direction of Mary Thompson, there were 24 Nike sponsored programs. Today, there are 32, and 5 affiliate teams throughout the country.

TakeOver’s first star was Lynee Belton, a 6-foot-3 prospect from The Bullis School (MD). The Clinton, Md., native made the 2014 McDonald’s All-American team, then went on to sign with Duke University. Coach James and staff then continued to establish themselves as a program in 2016, with standout wing, Kaila Charles. An ultra athletic 6-footer who also made the McDonald’s All-American team, but stayed local to attend the University of Maryland at College Park. Overall, the program has put out a high number of division I recruits and has created a winning formula and culture mirroring the boy’s as one of the better girl’s basketball travel clubs in the country. With the depth of talented prospects in the Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia area, it is very difficult to be successful and separate yourself as a travel club. “Not sure if it separates us but we are super proud of our brand. We have many high quality volunteer coaches and team managers, loyal players and parents that have faith and trust in our philosophy. TTO is a complete program and both sides (boys and girls) are supportive of one another, we are a family and we take pride in all that we do to rep our brand while protecting our brand. It is always tough to be the best, or considered the best, we never set out to be the best in the DMV, we have always been purposeful in seeking to be highly competitive as a national brand!.”  In the high volume world of travel basketball there are many great teams out there, but some are truly elite and stronger than others. “The EYBL teams as a collective whole, are very tough, especially the California Stars. We played them three times, the Missouri Phenom EYBL program had us down 16 points in the second half at Battle of the Bayou in New Orleans, La., New York based Exodus was tough opponent, we played them twice. And, the Finest Basketball Club aka FBC United out of Atlanta, Ga. was one of the better teams we played on the 2019 travel club circuit.”


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