Basketball Wall Street: “The Jersey Cardinals, On The Rise”


Basketball Wall Street: The Jersey Cardinals, On The Rise”

Club Name: Jersey Cardinals-Klinger
Program Director: Kristen Somogyi
Head Coach: Mary Klinger
Twitter: @njcardinals2024
Instagram: njcardinals2024
Events: USJN National Championships (DC) July 24-27

Coach Klinger’s Comments: “Very talented group who makes it easy to coach because of their willingness to play the right way, share the ball, and want to learn.”

2019 Roster

’25 Kayla Navvarro 5-0 (G)
’24 Chloe Escanillas 5-7 (G)
’24 Alex De Lasi 5-10 (F/C)
’24 Morgan Matthews 5-9 (G/F)
’24 Mikayla Blakes 5-7 (G)
’24 Tayla Thomas 5-10 (F/C)
’24 Mackenzie Anderson 5-8 (F/C)
’24 Zahra Alexander 5-8 (G/F)
’24 Ayla Rege 5-6 (G)

NYG Hoops

…was really impressed with @jerseycardinals 2024 team went 4-0 at #NYGTheShow… Very unselfish fundamentally sound young team. Lots of prospects…

Blue Star Media

Mikayla Blakes – 2024 – 5-7 – Guard – NJ Cardinals 13 Klinger – Fun to watch already…Gets up to finish…Jump shot continuing to improve with repetition…Big time wheels with the ball in her hands…Top tier player in many areas

Made Hoops

Mikayla Blakes, 2024, NJ Cardinals: A combo guard with strength. She finds the open lane, has great instincts and IQ in her ablity to attack the rim and to dish when she draws two defenders. She also knocks down open jumpers in transition.

Blue Star Media

Mikayla Blakes – 2023 – 5-7 – Guard – Jersey Cardinals Klinger – Fluid and smooth with the ball…Strong and intent on the handle…Does a nice job drawing and handling contact…Not afraid to give the ball up or pass ahead in transition…Shooting the three already

Made Hoops

This club continued their success, improving from 2-1 after session one to 3-0 after session two. They have a great core group of players that really take pride in playing defense. Chloe Escanillas is a small guard with amazing court vision. She has two great wing players in Mikayla Blakes and Julia Karpell. Mikayla finds a way to score when this club needs it most and Julia is a true blue-collar player that will play any role to ensure her team gets a win. Look for this club to continue their success as they come home to the New York City area.

Basketball Wall Street USA

Chloe Encanillas 5-7 | Guard | 2024 (NJ)

◾Versatile young guard with a combination of size & skill |  Good feel for the game

◾Plays well off the basketball | Finishes well around the rim

◾Mature sensibility & approach reminiscent to Caroline Lau

Made Hoops

Chloe Escanillas, 2024, NJ Cardinals: A small guard with very good court vision. She makes high motor plays with a lot of energy and is a consistent set-shooter.

Made Hoops

The NJ Cardinals rely on their leader Chloe Escanillas, who is able to see the floor so well while being able to score the ball off the dribble and finish at the rim. The difference here is the impact play of Morgan Matthews. If she plays like how she did in Session III, she will be difficult to guard no matter whom she faces. She is quick, athletic, and is strong in transition. She can play just about every position on the floor and when she gets going with Chloe, they’re difficult to match up against. The Cardinals are so talented in finding open players in places that they are able to score.

Made Hoops

Morgan Matthews, 2024 F, NJ Cardinals: So much can be said about this player, who was an impact from the second the ball was thrown up. Quick, athletic, and strong in transition, she can take it coast-to-coast off the rebound. Laterally quick off the press, she sees the floor well. She gets to the rim off of a quick first step, and she is a difficult match-up, as she can play multiple positions on the floor.

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