Basketball Wall Street: “Point-Guard, Personified, Melanie DeMeo”


Basketball Wall Street: “Point-Guard Personified, Melanie DeMeo”


Name: Melanie DeMeo
Height: 5-5
Position: Guard
Class: 2022
School: Mahopac High School (NY)
GPA: 3.8 | High Honors
Travel Club: New York Pride
Camp Status: High Energy Top 100 Exposure Camp June 1st 
Extracurricular Activities: Athletic Student Council | Community Service
Twitter: @Melanie_DeMeo


  • Ball-Handling Skills
  • Quickness | Speed
  • Half Court Vision
  • Ability To Create Plays
  • On-Ball Defender
  • 3-pt Shooting | Scoring Ability

Emerging collegiate prospect, Melanie DeMeo, is a classic point guard that sets the table for her teammates. The Mahopac, New York native is a sophomore that possess sharp ball-handling skills and a high basketball IQ. Which enables her to control the tempo of the game, and to make sure the offense is running smoothly. DeMeo’s high level of play as a freshman, lead her to win the teams Most Improved Player Award. “I am always looking to get better. I have worked hard in raising my skill level, especially ball-handling, which is one of my strengths.” Says DeMeo, who is a hardworking young lady on the basketball court, as well as, in the classroom. Sporting a 3.8 grade-point-average with high honors, primarily excelling in mathematics and science. “I would like to find a college that offers courses that interest me and where I could continue to play basketball.” While only a class of 2022 prospect, look for Melanie DeMeo to have a big summer, and sophomore season playing basketball as a quality student-athlete.

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