Basketball Wall Street USA: “Another One Bites The Dust, High School Closes It’s Doors”

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Basketball Wall Street: “Another One Bites The Dust, Brooklyn High School Closes It’s Doors”

What was once a thriving bastion of learning for young ladies several generations ago. St Joseph High School of Willoughby Street in Brooklyn, NY is now a faded relic from a bygone era, yearning for new life and rehabilitation in the middle of the densely gentrified Downtown, Metro Tech section of Brooklyn. Just a stones throw away from the old Duffield Movie House, McCroy’s, and The Fort Green, and Farragut Projects. St Joseph HS was founded by the Sisters of St Joseph out of Brentwood, New York just after the turn of the century in 1904. 

“St Joseph face declining enrollment and increasing expenses, to the point where projected operating costs far exceed all anticipated income.” said Helen Kearney of the Sisters of St Joseph. The same narrative forced classic catholic high schools to close like: Bishop Ford, in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Brother Rice in Harlem. And, East Flatbush’s Nazareth Regional High School has been financially turbulent throughout recent years, but the Brooklyn school has been able to keep the doors open. Ford, Rice and St Joseph are located in ultra prime real estate areas. “After a thorough examination of options, the Sisters of St Joseph and the Board of Trustees have made a painful decision that the upcoming 2019-2020 school year will be the final year for St Joseph High School.”

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