Baketball Wall Street: “The Atlantic City Showcase 2019”


The Atlantic City Showcase took place this past weekend, May 17th through May 19th 2019 in New Jersey. The Atlantic City backdrop was an ideal location for a girl’s basketball grassroots event that showcased a broad range of quality travel clubs and student-athletes, mainly from the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. Director Matt Shocket, organized a well run event and was a gracious, visible host throughout the tournament. The facility was a bit chilly, but when BBWSUSA stepped into the building, the temperature immediately went up several notches on the thermostat. And for good reason, there was an inordinate amount of talent to cover and BBWSUSA worked the room to evaluate as many prospects as possible. College coaches should have the following student-athletes on their radar moving forward throughout both parts of the July NCAA live viewing period and beyond.

2020 Prospects

Maya Bokunewicz 6-1-PG-Central PA Dynamite (PA)
Siobhan Ryan 6-0-SG-I-90 Elite (NY)
Kateri Poole 5-9-PG-New Heights (NY)
Skylar Treadwell 6-1-SG-Maryland Lady Terps (MD)
Paith Gabriel 6-4-P-Rivals (MD)
Morgan Gentile 5-11-SG-BNY Select (NY)
Paige Mott 6-2-PF-Books&Basketball (NJ/PA)
Nicole Davis 6-4-PF-Maryland Lady Terps (MD)
Caitlin Weimar 6-4-P-Hoopers (NY)
Isabella Kranbuhl 6-3-P-New York Havoc (NY)
Skyeler Sandison 6-1-PF-Bria Holmes Elite (CT)
Kelsey Ransom 5-9-PG-New Jersey Panthers (NJ)
Alana Jones 5-8-PG-New Heights (NY)
Nicole Stanford 6-2-PF-New Jersey Shoreshots (NJ)
Aniyah Wiiliams 6-2-P-Alyssa Thomas Elite (PA)
Sydney Avoletta 6-3-P-Loudoun Flight (VA)
Megan Landsidel 6-0 PG-New Jersey Freedom (NJ)
Kylie Swider 6-4-P-Rivals (MA)
Zaria Demember Shazer 6-0-SF-BNY Select (NY)
Maya Ettle 6-4-P-In The Zone (PA)
Alexa Quirolo 6-0-SF-Empire State Blue Flames (NY)
Jordan Smith 5-10-PG-Books&Basketball (NJ/PA)
Sierra Jones 5-6-PG-Exodus (NY)
Kathryn Greenhut 6-2-SF-Philly Comets (PA)
Callie O’Brien 5-7-PG-New Heights (NY)
Dakota McCaughan 5-5-PG-K Low Elite (PA)
Lindsey Lawson 6-3-PF-I-90 Elite (NY)
Mackenzie Steele 6-2-P-JB Hoops (PA)
Bianca Glover 6-2-P-New Heights (NY)
Devyn Scott 5-8-PG-New Jersey Sparks (NJ)
Janelle Brown 5-5-PG-Long Island Renegades (NY)
Abbey Skinner 6-4-P-Rivals (MA)
Bryana Johnson 5-5-PG-Exodus (NY)
Selma Markisic 5-7-PG-New Heights (NY)

2021 Prospects

Emily Struck 6-2-PF-Lehigh Valley Fever (PA)
Anahi-Lee Cauley 6-0-PG-Bria Holmes Elite (CT)
Ariannah Staton 5-11-SF-City Rocks (NY)
Sonia Cintron 6-1-SF-Hoopers (NY)
Stefanie Kulesza 6-0-SG-Philly Comets (PA)
Sophia Sabino 5-9-SG-New Jersey Shoreshots (NJ)
Caileigh Walsh 6-3-P-New Jersey Sparks (NJ)
Remi Sisselman 5-11-SF-Long Island Renegades (NY)
Molly Wagoner 6-2-PF-Central PA Dynamite (PA)
L’or Mptutu 6-3-PF-DC Premier (DC)
Alexa Therien 6-1-PF-Philly Comets (PA)
Melanie Daley 5-11-SF-Empire State Blue Flames (NY)
Colleen McQuillen 5-10-SG-Ring City (NJ)
Ariel Jenkins 6-3-P-Team Miller (NJ)
Caitlin O’Boyle 6-1-PF-New York Extreme Hoops (NY)
Brianna Cordell 6-3-P-Long Island Lightning (NY)
Momoka LaClair 5-9-PG-I-90 Elite (NY)
Lee Volker 6-0-SG-Loudoun Flight (VA)
Marianna Freeman 5-4-PG-City Rocks (NY)
Lauren Garofalo 5-9-SG-New York Flight (NY)
Sydeny Rosenoff 5-9-SG-Long island Renegades (NY)
Akyia Baker 5-7-PG-New Jersey Sparks (NJ)
Sydney Lusher 5-10-PG-Syracuse Royals (NY)
Mariam Beh 6-5-P-Philly Triple Threat (PA)
Ja’Nylah Whittlesey 6-4-P-Philly Comets (PA)
Lindsey Drozd 6-0-SG-IExcel (NY)
Olivia Olsen 6-2-PF-City Rocks (NY)
Sophia Feigelson 5-9-SG-New York Extreme (NY)
Ja’naa Brown 5-11-PF-Exodus (NY)
Susanna Nemec 5-9-SG-Syracuse Royals (NY)
Elle Fajardo 5-5-PG-New Jersey Sparks (NJ)
Mary Donnelly 6-3-PF-BNY Select (NY)
Zaayaa Young 5-8-PG-Philly Triple Threat (PA)
Brooke Tatarian 5-10-SG-Empire State Blue Flames (NY)
Meghan Huerter 5-10-SG-City Rocks (NY)
Olivia Vero 5-11-PF-New Heights (NY)

2022 Prospects

Chardonnay Hartley 5-4-PG-Milbank Lady Flyers (NY)
Justine Pissott 6-2-SG-New Jersey Shoreshots (NJ)
Jalyn Brown 6-1-PG-Lady Prime (DC)
Sydney Shaw 5-8-PG-Miami Suns (FL)
Paige Martin 6-0-SF-Hoopers (NY)
Alyssa Constigan 6-0-PG-1Onnone (MD)
Ally Carman 6-5-P-New Jersey Shoreshots (NJ)
Anabel Meyer 6-2-PF-Philly Comtes (PA)
Aizhanique Mayo 5-9-PG-Bria Holmes Elite (CT)
Jillian Huerter 5-10-SG-City Rocks (NY)
Taydra Simpson 5-9-SG-Long Island Renegades (NY)
Lauren Mingo 5-9-SG-New World (MD)
Alexandra Armstrong 6-0-PF-Chantilly Elite (VA)
Courtney Swider 6-2-SF-Rivals (MA)
Amila Wood 6-1-PF-New York Havoc (NY)
Kayla Beckford 5-8-SG-New Jersey Sparks (NJ)
Chloe Kreusser 5-10-SG-New Jersey Demons (NJ)
Athina Nkangina 6-1-PG-1Onnone (MD)
Morgan Lee 6-4-P-Hoopers (NY)
Gia Cooke 5-8-PG-GTS Fusion (VA)
Mia Chapman 6-2-P-Elevate Elite (VA)
Saniah Caldwell 5-8-PG-New Jersey Sparks (NJ)
Emma Shields 6-2-PF-Saratoga Springs (NY)
Madison St Rose 5-10-SG-Team Rio (NJ)
Lauren Thrumpy 6-2-PF-Mid Penn Motion (PA)
Myah Simmons 5-8-PG-Maryland Belles (MD)
Antonia Bates 6-0-PG-Team Miller (NJ)
Nile Miller 6-1-SF-Stars Elite (PA)
Eniya Scott 5-6-PG-New Jersey Sparks (NJ)
Jenesis Perrin 6-5-P-Bria Holmes Elite (CT)
Tabitha Amanze 6-4-P-New Jersey Demons (NJ)
Jane Elkins 6-0-PF-Elevate Elite (VA)
Carys Baker 6-2-SG-Connecticut Attack (CT)
Alisa Blalock 5-6-PG-Exodus (NY)
McKayla Rolph 6-2-SF-FairFax Stars (VA)
Kiera Williams 5-10-SF-Hoopers (NY)
Paulina Paris 5-7-PG-Team Rio (NJ)
Grace Klag 6-2-PF-New Jersey Demons (NJ)
Cea’anai Jackson 6-3-P-Stars Elite (PA)
kadidia Toure 6-1-PF-Germantown Lady Panthers (MD)
Christina Midgette 5-10-SF-Team Miller (NJ)
Emani Theodule 5-8-SG-Miami suns (FL)
Reyna Scott 5-9-PG-Gauchos (NY)
Fiona Hastick 5-11-SF-1Onnone (MD)
Makenna Zimmerman 6-1-P-Lehigh Valley Fever (PA)
Joniyah Bland-Fitzpatrick 5-9-PG-Bria Holmes Elite (CT)
Kiley Capstraw 5-10-SG-New Jersey Belles (NJ)
Alexa Boller 6-0-PF-New York Heat (NY)
Katherine Donahue 5-10-SF-New Jersey Panthers (NJ)
Christina Matica 5-4-PG-New York Extreme Hoops (NY)
Aleigha Gangemi 5-5-PG-New Jersey Dream (NJ)
Ashley Wetty 6-0-PF-WBA Lady Knicks (NY)
Kaila Scarpa 6-0-PF-Central Jersey Hawks (NJ)
Jordana Codio 6-0-SF-Miami Suns (FL)
Katherine Martini 6-0-SF-Jersey Shore Rebels (NJ)
Ciara Hundley 5-11-PF-ATA Mauraders (NY)
Petra Csanyi 5-11-PF-New Jersey Panthers (NJ)
Faith Pappas 5-10-SG-Team Miller (NJ)
Colleen McCullagh 6-0-SG-Rising Stars (NY)

2023 Prospects

Delaney Thomas 6-2-SF-GTS Fusion (VA)
Ciera Toomey 6-2-SG-JB Hoops (PA)
Zoe Brooks 5-9-PG-New Jersey Sparks (NJ)
Nicole Melious 5-7-PG-Hoopers (NY)
Allison Coleman 6-2-P-Germantown Lady Panthers (MD)
Jadyn Donovan 6-0-SF-Maryland Belles (MD)
Ava Naszimento 6-1-PF-Jersey Cardinals (NJ)
Kendall Bennett 6-1-SF-Philly Comets (PA)
Mary Ashley Groot 6-1-SF-Riverside Hawks (NY)
Laila Reynolds 5-9-SG-Lady Prime (DC)
Janeya Grant 5-9-PG-Bria Holmes Elite (CT)
Nevaeh Wingate 6-0-PF-I-90 Elite (NY)
Khloe Bowles 6-3-P-Nova 94 Feet (VA)
Mackenzie Williams 6-3-P-I-90 Elite (NY)
Sidney De Voogd 6-3-P-New Jersey Demons (NJ)
Tayla Perry 6-0-SG-New World (MD)
Madison Dakin 5-8-SG-East Coast Panthers (NY)
Emily Grasser 5-11-SF-Triple Threat (NY)
Jade Tillman 5-10-GTS Fusion (VA)
Paige Manchester 5-10-SG-Elmira Fusion (NY)
Jada Mills 5-8-PG-Gauchos (NY)
Tyonna Bailey 5-10-SG-New Jersey Sparks (NJ)
Maddie Taylor 5-2-PG-Lady Force
Olivia Lawlor 6-1-PF-New Jersey Crusaders (NJ)
Cire Worley 5-9-SG-Philly Triple Threat (PA)
Jaylin Hartman 6-0-SG-United (NJ)
Elizabeth Archer 5-10-SG-New Jersey Demons (NJ)
Trinity Delgado 5-10-SF-Lady Ratz Elite (NY)
Soleil Kennedy 6-0-SF-GTS Fusion (VA)
Mikaela Hubbard 6-3-P-New Jersey Sparks (NJ)
Jessica Carter 5-8-SG-New Jersey Gym Ratz (NJ)
Anna Conza 5-7-PG-Exodus (NY)
Dara Grinberg 6-3-P-New Jersey Panthers (NJ)
Shea Jackson 6-0-PF-IDream (NY)
Aislinn Gibson 6-1-SF-MCW Stars (MA)
Karina Gorgon 5-8-PG-Miami Suns (FL)
Hannah Hidalgo 5-4-PG-New Jersey Sparks (NJ)
Ava Purks 5-11-PG-I-90 Elite (NY)
Emma Rose 5-7-PG-PD Hoops (NY)
Isabella Asencio 5-2-PG-New Jersey Freedom (NJ)

2024 Prospects

Kendall Dudley 6-1-SG-Maryland Belles (MD)
Olivia Schmitt 5-2-PG-Hoopers (NY)
Julia Karpell 5-9-PG-Jersey Shore Elite (NJ)
Hope Masonius 5-8-SG-New Jersey Belles (NJ)
Ameia Smith 6-2-P-Fairfax Stars (VA)
Makenzie Williams 6-3-P-I-90 Elite (NY)
Carissa Frederick 6-0-PF-Franklin Basketball Club (NJ)
Hannah Garrison 6-2-P-York Thunder (PA)
Morgan Matthews 5-10-SG-Jersey Cardinals (NJ)
Katerina Stawkowski 5-9-SG-Rising Stars (NY)
Alexis Rosenfeld 6-0-SG-New Jersey Sparks (NJ)
Leah Harmon 5-5-PG-Gauchos (NY)

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