“The Impact, of The New 2019 Under Armour Association Girl’s Basketball”

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The Impact, of The New 2019 Under Armour Association Girl’s Basketball League”

The new 2019 Under Armour Association Girl’s Basketball League is more than Stephen Curry and his super star status promoting women’s grassroots basketball for UA. Inviting  Cameron Brinks, a standout forward from Oregon, committed to Stanford. And, highly touted Virginia guard, Azzi Fudd, to attend the SC30 Camp in Oakland, was the first steps to introducing and cultivating UA girl’s basketball. While the new league did not reinvent the wheel by acquiring any of the top travel club programs they could get their hands on. The billion dollar brand, in and of itself, has made a concerted effort to put forth a legitimate platform for female basketball players to be showcased. “I was very impressed by the directors meeting UAA rolled out. They really put things together well. I think this levels the playing field. They have scooped up all of the top independent programs and pulled some Adidas teams in as well. UA has the top ranked players in several classes so it’s no longer a situation where you only have one circuit claiming it’s the only elite situation. To me it looks like UAA is going to be the best deal this summer.” Said Al Schell Director of the Power Move organization based out of Maryland. Many long time program directors are very enthusiastic and confident regarding the UAA-G league.  “The women’s grassroots basketball circuit is going through an adjustment from a number of entities that play a major factor in girl’s basketball. We see welcomed game-changing initiatives from the NCAA and USA Basketball, as well as tournament promoters scrambling to re-establish connections between club affiliates and basketball communities. Under Armour brings a fresh air of professionalism, respect, comradery, promptness and great competition that is sorely needed. There are clubs in the UA that are extremely competitive and well known for fielding high performing teams. Our SC76ers’ Club is beaming with rejuvenating excitement.” Said longtime South Carolina 76ers frontman Roger Wiley.

“The Balance of power has shifted and now their is a genuine competitor to the Nike Girl’s Elite Youth Basketball League. The Under Armour circuit have the consensus #1 players in ’20, ’21, ’22 along with some clubs that have been very successful for a long time. Long established tournaments in July will suffer due to key independent teams that had previously been propping them up will be Under Armour events. It’s a new day and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.” says Nathan Sadler of the Arkansas Banshees program.

Aside from the hype of the highly rated prospects, the new league consists of veteran programs like: Philadelphia Comets; iExcel NY; Lady Phoenix NC; Arkansas Banshees; West PA Bruins; Florida Girl’s Basketball; Wisconsin Flight; Finest Basketball Club GA; Minnesota Metro Stars; West Virginia Thunder and many others that might not have the pageantry and window-dressing. But, have been concrete organizations, relying on a foundation of coaching and good ethics to develop student-athletes into quality collegiate prospects. “We think the quality of play and high caliber competition provided by the UAA-G league will help our student-athletes develop their potential to the fullest. Playing in this environment will enhance every players’ skill level, IQ and highlight the importance of being a great teammate. It will prove to be an invaluable experience for our current players. The comets have been successfully competing against the very best for over 35+ years now. Those players who have played before deserve all the credit for this invitation to the UAA-G league. Our success at the D1 level with 30 former Comets currently playing is a testament to the program that so many have helped to build. We are grateful that the UAA has recognized the Comets as one of the best programs in the country.”  Said Philadelphia Comets, Linda Genther. The effects of the UA league will be felt throughout the women’s grassroots basketball community, and will be in direct competition to the Nike Girl’s Elite Youth Basketball League and other event operating companies. Since The inception of the GEYBL, the Nike faithful have hung their hats on being the only elite league-style platform. For the most part, everyone agrees that the GEYBL have some great teams, with some great prospects. Many others believe that, on a whole, the league is mainly top-heavy throughout the 32 teams and its affiliates. Either way, the new Under Armour Association Girl’s League will inevitably be a force in it’s inaugural season. The league will operate during the three main NCAA live viewing periods in April, and both parts of July. Adding to the ever changing dynamics of travel basketball.

“The Minnesota Metro Stars are honored to be part of the inaugural UAA league on the girls side. From all reports, this league will help to set the standard in grassroots girl’s basketball as far as venue games are held in, social media coverage, college exposure, corporate support, and level of play. We couldn’t be more excited to be one of the founding members of the 17U league, and can not wait for the UA events to begin in April.” Andy Meinhardt-Minnesota Metro Stars

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