The Smooth Operator, Rachel Kuhl

Basketball Wall Street: “The Smooth Operator, Rachel Kuhl”

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“As a student-athlete, a lot motivates me. Coming into high school, I had a decision to either attend a private school or to stay home and play for my home town. I decided to play for the team in my home town, Old Bridge High School. What is so motivational about my choice is that I want to make my town proud. I want to be able to show everyone that I can do it in the community, in the classroom, and on the hardwood. Old Bridge means everything to me, this town helped me become who I am today.”

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  • Ball-Handling Skills
  • Feel For The Game
  • High Basketball IQ
  • Leadership Skills
  • Slashing Ability
  • Shifty | Creates Separation
  • Scoring On All Three Levels

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Game Time

“As a basketball prospect, I believe that my strongest attribute is using my basketball IQ and knowledge of the game to impact others. During this school season, it showed a lot. It rubbed off on girls and showed my teammates that if they work at something so much that dreams do come true and you will see a difference. And that’s really what helped our team in our last half of the season where we made huge runs and beat opponents that no one thought we would be possible to beat.”


“In the classroom, I really have a passion for math. I love that there is always an answer to something and that there are so many different ways to figure out different problems. And that’s what I want to do in my future as well, be a math teacher. I also take a course in school called Child Development, where we have a legit preschool in our school and my classmates and I write different lesson plans for different subjects and we teach the kids every day. Very enjoyable.”

Travel Club

At this point, Kuhl is undecided on a travel club team for the 2019 season. Periodically, BBWSUSA will have an updated recruiting card when she decides on a program to play for. “For the upcoming AAU season, I am looking to become a better player by pushing myself in practice and in games. Looking to use the talent I have and to make each part of my game better and stronger to prepare myself to play on the next level.”


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