“Jenissa Encarnacion 2019 PG, Focused, Talented & Dedicated”

unnamed (69)

Basketball Wall Street: ” Jenissa Encarnacion, focused, talented & dedicated”

Name: Jenissa Encarnacion
Height: 5-6
Position: Point-Guard
Class: 2019
School: Roselle Catholic (NJ)
GPA: 4.0 | SAT: Yes
Academic Standing: NCAA Qualifier
National Honor Society | Spanish Honor Society
Travel Club: Team Miller Elite
Volunteer Work: St Matthews CYO assists in tutoring, operating camps and clinics.
Twitter: @Jencar1974


  • Ball-Handling Skills
  • Speed |Quickness
  • Half-Court Vision
  • Ability To Create Plays
  • 3-pt Shooting
  • On-Ball Defense

Jenissa Encarnacion is a senior attending Roselle Catholic High School (NJ). The Edison, New Jersey native is a speedy play-maker that really enjoys running her varsity basketball team as a point-guard. Her shooting ability and high basketball IQ on the court translates into the classroom, where she is an honors student that enjoys studying mathematics and psychology while maintaining a concrete 4.0 GPA. Encarnacion, gained valuable experience competing against the top players in the country traveling with the Team Miller Elite Club this past summer.”I have dedicated myself to being a student-athlete, concentrating on physical training, skill work, and academics. My goals for this season are to establish myself as a leader, and to help my team to win as many games as possible.” Look for Jenissa Encarnacion to have an outstanding senior season at Roselle Catholic High School (NJ).


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