Basketball Wall Street: “Emerging Sophomore, Marianna Freeman is Ready for the Prep/HS Season”

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Basketball Wall Street: Emerging Sophomore, Marianna Freeman is Ready for the Prep/HS Basketball Season”

Name: Marianna Freeman
Height: 5-4
Class: 2021
School: Bishop Kearney (NY)
Grade Point Average: 4.0
Travel Club: City Rocks (NY) | @CityRocks_DNA
Twitter: @Mariannafreem12

Marianna Freeman, looks like an average sophomore student attending Bishop Kearney High School in Rochester, N.Y. However, when you watch her play basketball, you can see she is a very special player. Coming off of a productive travel club season, Freeman is ready to achieve new goals this high school season as the point-guard of a team that went 19-5 with a trip to the semi-finals of the New York State Federation Championship. While it is still early in her development as a prospect, she is a skillful player with speed, quickness and a high basketball IQ. Freeman is well acquainted with adversity, having surgery to remove a 6 centimeter abscess from the left side of her brain in June of 2016.  Being mentally and physically strong, she was able to overcome the surgery and return to the basketball court as a high level, productive player. Look for Marianna Freeman to have a great 2018-19 season playing for Bishop Kearney and coach Kevan Sheppard.


“This upcoming high school season I will position myself as one of my teams leaders. This includes being more vocal, increasing my production in all areas including steals, assists and bring more efficient offensively. My ultimate goal, God willing, is to lead my team to a State Championship Title.”

Travel Club/ High School 

“During the City Rocks travel club season I learned how to compete at the highest level which will help to develop as a standout prospect. My overall game matured while playing with City Rocks. Both Bishop Kearney and City Rocks focus on winning and portrayed a winning atmosphere. I am blessed to have coaches like Keith Danzy and Kevan Sheppard”

Facing Adversity

“Through my strong belief in God and the support from my family and the Rochester community helped me endure the hardships in which I faced during brain surgery. Also,my passion and love for the game motivated me to continue to work hard to improve on the basketball court and in the classroom.”

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