Basketball Wall Street: “SayYesToSuccess University 2018”

unnamed (26)

October, 2018 in New York City, will be the launch of The SayYesToSuccess University Individual Basketball Exposure Event . It will be very impactful for prospects and parents because the program is a professional and detailed approach to a student-athlete’s academic and athletic profile. The program offers, basketball training and development, prospect exposure, a concrete recruiting base, and a thorough parent, player consultation. Also, toured visits to companies like, Earnest& Young, Ogilvy&Mather and Viacom just to name a few. This experience is for prospects of all levels of basketball play. As an independent entity, SayYesToSuccess has been recognized by several distinguished professionals including, broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien, from CNN. Film and TV Actress, Tamara Taylor (pictured below). And, TV Anchor Robin Roberts, just to name a few. Not to be confused with a “scouting service”, the BBWSUSA.COM website is an innovative and informative source for grassroots basketball. Making it one of the most viewed sites of its kind, in the country. We are still accepting prospects to participate in the event, classes 2024-2019 The following are just a few of the prospects that have committed to attending the SayYesToSuccess University Event.

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