#BBWS: Example Sports Basketball

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Example Sports

Director: Barry Bradford
Established: 2012
Base: Bourbonnais, Illinois
Twitter: @ExampleSports3
Website: ExampleSports.net
Program Goals: Develop our student-athletes and place them in an environment where they can compete on the proper stages for exposure, in an effort to help them garner opportunities to further their education through basketball.


  • Run For The Roses- July 5th-8th Louisville (KY)
  • Apache Memorial- July 8th-9th Louisville (KY)
  • Battle In The Boro- July 10th-13th Louisville (KY)
  • Summer Slam July- 23rd-26th Atlanta (GA)
  • The National Championship- July 27th-29th Atlanta (GA)

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 17U Roster

1. Camyrn Taylor 6-2-F-2019
2. Allison Berg 6-2-F-2019
3. Miranda Cadwell 6-0-F-2019
4. Reagan Begole 6-0-F-2019
5. Taylor Valladay 5-10-G-2019
6. Tadriana Heard 5-10-G- 2019
7. Tabetha Jones 5-10-F-2019
8. Anne Peters 5-8-G-2019
9. Hya Haywood 5-7-G 2019
10. Lauren Krisko 5-6-G-2019
11. Angelique Cowan 5-7-G- 2019

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16U Roster

1. Jaylynn Alexander 6-3-F-2021
2. Grace Hall 6-2-F-2021
3. Mya Johanson 6-2-F-2020
4. Halle Idowu 6-0-F-2020
5. Evey Evans 5-10-G-2020
6. Ambranette Storr 5-10-G-2020
7. Imani Williams 5-10-G-2020
8. Courtney Burks 5-6-G-2020
9. Trinity Duckworth 5-5-G-2020
10. Emma Russell 5-4-G-2020

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