Basketball Wall Street: “Division I Prospect, Cassidy Roberts 2019 Guard”


Basketball Wall Street: “Division I Prospect, Cassidy Roberts 2019 Guard”

unnamed (23)

Name: Cassidy Roberts
Height: 5-7
Position: Guard
Class: 2019
School: St Francis Prep (NY) | @SFPGVB
Grade Point Average: 3.9
Academic Standing: NCAA Qualifier | SAT: Yes
College Projection: Division I
Travel Club: iExcel | @WWiexcel
Events: Run For The Roses July 5-8 Louisville (KY) | Apache Memorial Event July 8-9 Louisville (KY) | Battle In the Boro July 10-13 Louisville (KY) | The Big Event July 22-25 Atlanta (GA) | The National Championship July 27-28 Atlanta (GA)
Twitter: @Cassidy_r_29
Volunteer Work: Forest Road Elementary School
Awards: National Honor Society | Jane Modry Sportsmanship Award

IMG_3884 (2)


    • Ball-Handling
    • 3-pt Shooting
    • Strong Defensive Concepts
    • Speed | Quickness
    • High Basketball IQ
    • Ability To Create Plays
    • Half Court & Transition Vision


“My goals for the summer season are to be more of an effective leader, and to become physically stronger. Ultimately, my main objective is to receive more division I offers, and to listen to coach Walter Welsh, so that my skill-set as a prospect can be cultivated in the right way. Playing for the iExcel travel club is very challenging, coach Welsh is very demanding and we play against the best teams and players in the country every year to prepare us for the collegiate level. “

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