Basketball Wall Street: Alexis Moragne 2019 Prospect

Basketball Wall Street: Alexis Moragne 2019 Prospect


Name: Alexis Moragne
Height: 5-8
Position: Combo Guard
Class: 2019
School: Berkshire School-(Sheffield, Ma.)
Grade-Point Average: 3.3
Travel Club: iExcel | @WWiexcel


  • Athleticism
  • Fundamentally Sound
  • Slashing Ability
  • Defensive Concepts
  • Mid-Range Game
  • High Motor
  • Speed | Quickness

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“I am a coachable prospect who is passionate about the game of basketball and has the will to win. I have the ability to score in a variety of ways, both at the rim or from behind the arc. My athleticism and speed makes it easier for me to get by defenders. I play very good defense no matter how big or small, my goal is the same which is to stop the opposing team from scoring. Lastly,I am a great teammate both on and off of the court.” –Alexis Moragne

Extracurricular Activities

” I am an Active member of the Afro-Latino Club, where the purpose of the club is to empower people of color at Berkshire School. This year I was selected to be co-head of We Week, a week long student-led initiative which started in 2014 to empower students to share and embrace everything that makes them different and unique. I am also a part of the Gender Sexuality Alliance, where we support the LGBTQ people in our school as well as in our community.”

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