Basketball Wall Street: Midwest Elite 2018


    Basketball Wall Street: Midwest Elite 2018

unnamed (2)

Midwest Elite (IL)
Head Coach: Ralph Gesualdo
Location Base: Deerfield, Illinois
Established: 2010
Affiliation: Nike E.Y.B.L 2014
Twitter: @mwehoops
 Record: 4-1 April 2018 Boo Williams (VA)


Breanna Beal 6-1 2019
Anyana Peoples 5-10 2019-(Notre Dame)
Annie Stritzel 5-11 2019-(Harvard)
Lilly Hatton 6-1 2019
Kayla Caudle 6-1 2019
Rachel Kent 6-0 2019
Jordan King 6-0 2019
Kaylah Rainey 5-7 2019
Chelby Koker 5-7 2019


Midwest Elite-65
Philly Belles-38

Midwest Elite-75
Central Florida Elite-45

Midwest Elite-65

Midwest Elite-48
Team Takeover-54

Midwest Elite-61
North Tartan-47

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