Basketball Wall Street: Point-Guard Personified, Trinity Palacio

Basketball Wall Street: “Point-Guard, Personified, Trinity Palacio”

unnamed (18)

Name: Trinity Palacio
Height: 5-6
Class: 2019
Position: Point Guard
School: Thomas Chambliss (T.C.) Williams High School-(Alexandria,Va.)
Grade-Point-Average: 4.1
Academic Standing: NCAA Qualifier | S.A.T: Yes
Travel Club: PSPA Rams 17U | @PSPARams |
Events: Boo Williams(VA) April 20-22 | Run For The Roses (KY) July 5-8
College Projection: Division 1
Twitter: @TrinityPalacio | Email:
Recruiting Contact : |


  • Elite Ball-Handling
  • Leadership Skills/Floor General
  • Ability To Create Plays
  • Scoring On All Three Levels
  • Speed/ Quickness
  • On-Ball Defense
  • High Basketball IQ


” My goals are to work extremely hard refining my abilities as a point-guard, including: running my teams offense, my drive and kick game, and three point shooting.I have excellent ball-handling, speed and court vision. In addition, I possess intangibles such as, the ability to run an offense, taking offensive charges, rebounding loose balls, and, the ability to score inside and out as needed.” -Trinity Palacio

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