Basketball Wall Street: SayYesToSuccess Prep Nationals Part 2″


unnamed (69)

Basketball Wall Street: “SayYesToSuccess Prep Nationals 2018 Part 2”


SayYesToSuccess Prep Nationals High Scorers:

Jakia Brown Turner 6’1″|W|2019 (45) vs Monsignor Scanlan (NY)
Michelle Sidor 5’8″|G|2019 (37) vs Shenendehowa H.S.(NY)
Silke Milliman 6’2″|F|2019 (36) vs Blair Academy (NJ)
Imani Lewis 6’2″|F|2018 (35) vs Woodbridge H.S.(VA)
McKenna Frank 5’8″|G|2018 (28) vs St Paul’s School (NH)
Kateri Poole 5’9″|G|2020 (27) vs Bishop McNamara (MD)
Adia Burrows 6’0″|F|2019 (27) vs St Luke’s School (CT)
Cameron Tooley 5’7″|G|2018 (27) vs Henry County H.S. (GA)
Alana Lombardi 5’9″|G|2020 (27) vs King’s Christian (NJ)
Gina Contorno 5’9″|G|2020 (27) vs Boy’s&Girl’s H.S.(NY)
Brooke Moore 5’6″|G|2018 (24) vs Stamford H.S.(CT)
Onome Akinbode-James 6’3″|P|2018 (23) vs Putnam Science Academy (CT)
Stefanie Kulesza 5’11″|G|2021 (23) vs William Bryant H.S.(NY)
Jamie Behar 6’2″|WF|2020 (23) vs Boy’s&Girl’s H.S. (NY)
Brianna Randolph 5’7″|G|2019 (22) vs King’s Christian (NJ)
Tyara McQueen 5’8″|G|2018 (22) vs Loomis Chaffee School (CT)
Danielle Robinson 6’0″|W|2018 (22) vs Mansfield H.S.(MA)
Daysiah Smith 5’8″|G|2019 (22) vs Xaverian H.S.(NY)
Ella Stewart 5’9″|G|2020 (21) vs Peddie School (NJ)
Selma Markasic 5’7″|G|2020 (21) vs Summit Academy (NY)
Kate Hill 6’3″|P|2018 (20) vs St Anthony’s (NY)
Ja’Nylah Whittlesey 6’2″|P|2021 (20) vs William Bryant H.S.(NY)
Janayshia Brown 6’2″|G|2020 (20) vs St Paul’s School (NH)
Dominique Darius 5’10″|G|2021 (20) vs Northfield Mt Hermon (MA)
Madison Stevens 5’7″|G|2019 (20) vs Roselle Catholic (NJ)

unnamed (7)

                                    Diamond Miller 6’2″|G|2019  Franklin H.S.(NJ)

  • Superior size as a guard with a polished skill-set|Runs rim to rim with speed.
  • Versatile| Elite range as a shooter| High level scorer on all three levels.
  • Maryland commit | Ranked No.18 Espn Hoopgurlz class of 2019

20180113_130550 (2)

                                 Olivia Miles 5’9″|PG|2021   Blair Academy (NJ)

  • Floor general with elite ball-handling skills|Gifted passer with full-court vision.
  • Physically and mentally tough competitor|Emerging perimeter game.
  • Ranked No.3 Espn Hoopgurlz class of 2021

20180114_161908 (1)

                                 Jasmine Smith 6’2″|F|2021  Briarcliff H.S. (NY)

  • Good size and coordination as a forward or post prospect with an evolving skill-set.
  • Runs the floor well with good agility.

20180113_130605 (1)

                       Dominique Darius 5’10″|G|2021   Blair Academy (NJ)

  • Combo guard with strong offensive concepts as a natural scorer with court awareness.
  • Creates separation off the dribble|Good on-ball defender.
  • Ranked No.11 Prospects Nation


                                Lexi Tarul 5’10″|G|2021  St John’s Prep (NY)

  • Elite scoring guard with a superlative skill-set| Crafty ball-handler.
  • Advanced offensive concepts|Ideal size for a modern guard-wing prospect.

20180114_174616 (1)

                         Stefanie Kulesza 6’0″|WG|2021  Conrad School (DE)

  • Talented wing or guard prospect with an elite skill-set.
  • Consistent  shooter from 3-pt range| Size for the position.

20180113_202626 (2)

                             Caroline Lau 5’8″|PG|2022   St Luke’s School (CT)

  • Advanced ball-handler with elite separation skills and vision.
  • Creative in the open floor with dexterity| Sets the table as a true point-guard.


                              Kylie Favours 5’7″|PG|2021   Peddie School (NJ)

  • Young point-guard prospect that runs the offense with a scorers mentality.
  • Polished shooter, ball-handler and passer.

20180113_202601 (1)

                                   Maya Klein 5’6″|G|2018   St Luke’s School (CT)

  • Fundamentally sound|Elite shooter with versatility to attack the basket off the dribble.
  • Excels in transition| Plays well without the basketball.
  • Providence commit


                              Sydney Watkins 5’9″|G|2018  Saddle River Day (NJ)

  • Power guard with good ball skills.| Impacts a game with intangibles.
  • Textbook defensive ability with physicality| Strong team player.
  • Manhattan commit

20180115_141400 (1)

                              Jasmine Forte 6’3″|P|2018   Woodbridge H.S.(VA)

  • Good rebounding and defensive concepts| Size and strength in the paint area.
  • Grambling State commit

unnamed (6)

                            Alex Tudor 5’11″|W|2018   Shenendehowa H.S. (NY)

  • Guard with size and scoring ability| Strong drive and finish prospect|Committed to St Francis Brooklyn.

20180114_174634 (1)

                         Ja’Nylah Whittesey 6’2″|P|2021  Conrad School (DE)

  • Low post scoring ability| Plays big inside with power.
  • Physical in the low post as a rebounder and a defender.

20180114_101220 (1)

                                  Mya Ademilola 6’0″|F|2021  Peddie School (NJ)

  • Athletic, young wing forward prospect with a evolving face-up game.
  • Battles for position to rebound and score inside.


                               Eldina Dervisevic 5’9″|G|2021  St John’s Prep (NY)

  • Fundamentally sound with catch and shoot ability| Size and IQ in the back-court.

unnamed (7)

                              Nina Worthey 6’1″|F|2020  Roselle Catholic (NJ)

  • Mixture of size, strength and an evolving skill-set| Effective scorer inside.
  • Physical rebounder with a high motor.

unnamed (9)

                              Usoreia McWhorter 6’2″|F|2019  Henry County H.S. (GA)

  • Hard working forward or post prospect with a good catch and shoot mid-range game.
  • Possess size and physical attributes| Aggressive defender.
  • Nicholls State commit


                                       Jax Donohue 5’9″|G|2019 St Paul’s School (NH)

  • Rangy guard that is productive in the open floor|Utilizes screens well.
  • Fluid shooter from the perimeter| High Basketball IQ and academics.


                                      Kacey Hamlin 5’8″|G|2019 Briarcliff H.S. (NY)

  • Guard prospect with good scoring instincts| Consistent shooter from the perimeter
  • Creative in the open floor|Reliable ball-handler|On-ball defender.

20180115_141320 (1)

                                Tae’lor Willard 5’6″|G|2019 Woodbridge H.S. (VA)

  • Speedy guard that thrives in up tempo| Strong on-ball defender.
  • Good floater and pull-up jump shot in the lane.

20180114_152014 (1)

                             Jenissa Encarnacion 5’6″|PG|2019 Roselle Catholic (NJ)

  • Speedy point guard with a good feel for the game| Excels in transition
  • Possess the ability to run an offense with court awareness and passing ability.

20180113_113118 (1)

                                    Zyheima Swint 6’3″|P|2020 University H.S. (NY)

  • Athletic, springy post prospect with size and agility.
  • Active defender and rebounder on both on end of the floor.

20180113_171852 (1)

                               Abby Brown 6’0″|F|2020   Bethlehem Catholic (PA)

  • Power forward with good hands and footwork in the low post.
  • Hard working with a high motor| Ability to play without the basketball.

20180114_174557 (2)

                                    Julie Kulesza 5’9″|G|2020   Conrad School (DE)

  • Fluid, guard prospect with leadership skills and the ability to create plays.
  • Reliable ball-handler and scorer on all three levels.
  • Bucknell commit


                       Camryn Platt-Morris 5’8″|G|2019 Woodbridge H.S. (VA)

  • Athletic, high energy guard prospect| Excels in the open floor.
  • Slasher with body control and jumping ability| Strong defensive concepts.

20180113_202147 (1)

                               Jaxy Marquez 5’6″|PG|2021  St Paul’s School (NH)

  • Fundamentally sound young guard with an advanced skill-set
  • Efficient scorer off the dribble with finesse| quick first step.

unnamed (10)

                               Taneshia Tucker 5’5″|PG|2021   University H.S. (NJ)

  • Young floor general with play-making ability| Emerging perimeter game.
  • Reliable ball-handler under pressure and in traffic.


                             Jaleesa Lanier 5’4″|PG|2020 Bethlehem Catholic (PA)

  • Jet quick point guard with shifty ball-handling skills and vision.
  • Evolving perimeter game| Committed on-ball defender.


                                       Mia Fuller 5’6″|PG|2021 St John’s Prep (NY)

  • Fluid, Athletic point-guard with a quick first step and a good feel for the game.
  • Productive in the open floor| Shot creator with court awareness.


                                 Alyssa Gangemi  5’10″|G|2020 King’s Christian (NJ)

  • Possess good scoring instincts and is creative when driving to the basket.
  • Blue collar off-guard with size| Plays hard on every play.

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