Basketball Wall Street: “Walter Welsh, iExcel and Beyond”


Basketball Wall Street: ” Walter Welsh, iExcel and Beyond

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By Silverio Ford

The iExcel basketball travel club is stronger than ever, achieving great success in terms of players going on to the collegiate level, and the aspect of top tier prospect development. Program director Walter Welsh started coaching women’s basketball around 1991 after coaching men’s basketball at the famous Joseph Miccio Center in the Redhook section of Brooklyn N.Y. , and other places throughout the city. In this time, Welsh was influenced by local coaches like Gil Reynolds of the Brooklyn Vangards and the Brownsville Jets. And, Rodney Parker, who was a very influential figure in NYC basketball most notably as the brains behind the widely acclaimed book “Heaven is a Playground” about inner city basketball culture at the legendary Foster Park in Flatbush.

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Former player and fellow Brooklynite Caritas Henry talked Welsh into coming over to the women’s side of coaching while at Martin Luther King Jr. High School. Welsh decided to give it a try and he has been very successful ever since, spanning three decades of quality and excellence in coaching. “Over the years, I’ve told my players, it’s Caritas who has been directly and indirectly responsible for our journeys together.” “Brooklyn people are not afraid to get want they want, its a cultural thing that allows you to feel that all things are possible and I can accomplish everything I want because I am built for it. You learn to not care about things so many people are concerned about.” Welsh conveys that old-school, sensibility and structure in his coaching and it resonates well with his players.

Welsh has coached an inordinate amount of student-athletes that went on to play college basketball. The following are some of the prospects that were coached by him or played for the iExcel program.

Bethany Donaphin

  • Horace Mann School-(Bronx, N.Y.)
  • Stanford University
  • University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School of Business Graduate)
  • N.B.A Executive/ Basketball Operations

Pietra Gay

  • John Jay High School-(Brooklyn N.Y.)
  • Louisiana State University
  • W.N.B.A Champion/ Houston Comets

Kiesha Hampton

  • George Washington Carver H.S.-(Philadelphia, P.A.)
  • DePaul University
  • W.N.B.A Chicago Sky

Matee Ajavon

  • Malcolm X Shabazz H.S.-(Newark N.J.)
  • Rutgers University
  • W.N.B.A Atlanta Dream

Niesha Butler

  • Riverdale Country School-(Bronx, N.Y.)
  • Georgia Tech
  • Actress/ Model

Caritas Henry

  • Martin Luther King H.S.-(New York, N.Y.)
  • Louisiana State University
  • Coach Welshs’ 1st pro player

DePaul University/University of Richmond/ Providence College/ University of Alabama/ Seton Hall University/ Long Island University/ University of Maryland Eastern-Shore/ Cal State Bakersfield

Yale University/ Boston College/ Florida State/ Rutgers University/ St Francis College

Georgetown University/ University of Pennsylvania/ University of Rhode Island/ Hamilton College/ Babson College

Princeton University/St John’s University-(2)/ Villanova University/ Quinnipiac University/ University of Albany/ George Mason University/ Loyola University

University of Virginia/ University of Florida/ University of Delaware

Bucknell University/ Hampton University

University of Virginia/ Syracuse University/ St John’s University/ Georgetown-Binghamton University/ Brown University/ University of Wisconsin/ Fairfield University/University of Dayton/ Siena College/ LaSalle University/ Western Carolina University/ Delaware State University/ University of Tampa/ Caldwell University/ American International College.

Auburn University/George Mason University/ University of Albany/ Naval Academy/ Long Island University/ Howard University/ LaSalle University/ Georgetown-Binghamton University

Notre Dame University/ Quinnipiac University/ Fairfield University/ Binghamton University



4 thoughts on “Basketball Wall Street: “Walter Welsh, iExcel and Beyond”

  1. Great article about a great coach and person. Coach Walt is sincerely dedicated to uplifting his players and preparing them for the game of life. He deserves a the recognition and accolades.

  2. What a great program. Looking @ the results is just incredible to produce that many pro basketball players & all those D-1 scholarships.

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