Basketball Wall Street: Dynamic Guard Mikeala Brunais, Emerging As a D1 Prospect”

Basketball Wall Street: “Dynamic Guard Mikeala Brunais, Emerging As a D1 Prospect”

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Name: Mikaela Brunais
Height: 5’8″
Position: Combo Guard
Class: 2020
School: Chantilly High School-(VA)
Grade-Point-Average: 3.8
Travel Club: Team Loaded


  • Fundamentally Sound
  • Half-Court/ Transition Vision
  • High Basketball IQ
  • Leadership Skills
  • Ball-Handling
  • Ability To Create Plays
  • Feel For The Game
  • 3-Point Shooting

Mikeala Brunais is a young lady that is coming into her own as a standout sophomore guard prospect at Chantilly High School-(VA). She is a strong ball-handler with a high basketball IQ. She can also score the basketball and possess the ability to be a creative and effective passer. At an early age Mikeala is very goal orientated and focused. “My goals this season are to be a leader,  a play-maker, and a scorer to make my team better in every aspect in order to make a strong playoff run.” “I enjoy the energy you can give off on the court, the bond with my teammates, and the satisfaction you get when you see your hard work pay off.”

The Fairfax, Virginia native is equally successful in the classroom sporting a firm 3.8 grade-point-average and is really interested in studying history and Spanish as a National Honors Society student.  Mikeala is of Colombian and German decent and her communication skills translate to the basketball court as the consummate team player. She has just recently joined the Team Loaded travel club based out of Virginia and the program is very happy to have her. “Mikeala’s basketball IQ is amazing,she has a talent for setting her teammates up to score. She talks on defense which is rare in today’s generation. She can knock down the 3-point shot and score off the dribble. Super great addition to my Team Loaded 703 squad.” Says coach Cortez Quarles. Look for Mikeala Brunais to perform at a high level this fall and winter as a standout student-athlete.

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