Basketball Wall Street: “New Hope Academy-(MD)


Basketball Wall Street: New Hope Academy-(MD)

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New Hope Academy
Location: Hyattsville, Maryland
Type: Independent-K-12 
Founded: 1992
Head Coach: Sam Caldwell

Program Goals

  • Team grade-point-average of 3.35 or better
  • Maintaining a healthy team
  • Develop skills in the players that translate to the game
  • Create a championship culture
  • Get the players to compete for 32-mins

Recruiting Prospects

“First and foremost I am always looking for good students, that are respectful and display good character. At the end of the day the student-athlete must be coachable and be a good teammate. We need competitive spirited student-athletes that have passion for the game, and want to compete at a high level. Success breeds success, those are ingredients to achieve, and if we find that; well we don’t have to recruit, prayerfully we will attract the qualities of the brand we put out.”

Coaching Scholastic Basketball in The DMV

“I don’t think coaching basketball is that different in the DMV opposed to other places, its basketball. I believe there are some differences in the style of play that comes out of the DMV however. I have to share want has concerned me, and this holds true for my coaching colleagues across the country. There has been a disturbing trend of coaches getting attacked by parents, administrators and unfortunately other coaches. I have former players who I know would be outstanding coaches,refuse to enter the coaching ranks as a result of the aforementioned. In direct contrast, I see coaches working incredibly hard and going far beyond any normal expectations, (for the most part) for their student-athletes. Highly competitive environments, sometimes bings out the worst in folks, but I still believe we can be highly competitive without verbally killing one another. You will never hear me say anything bad about any coach, the coaches I know love kids and love this game.”

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