Basketball Wall Street: “Georgia Pistols Gold 2019”

Basketball Wall Street: Georgia Pistols Gold 2019

unnamed (4)

Roster 2017

#3-Sydney Spencer 5’7″-2019
#24-Talia Cloud 6’0″-2019
#21-Katie Hynnekamp 5’7″-2019
#33-Wylie Sheridan 6’2″-2020
#32-Grace Knutsen 5’11”-2019
#10-Ann Rafeedie 5’10”-2019
#13-Kendal Phillips 5’8″-2019
#2-Jaylen Tillerson 5’6″-2019

Run For The Roses-Kentucky-(Prime Time Division)
7/5- 4:15pm KEC-8
7/6- 9:00am KEC-48
7/6- 7:00pm KEC-57
7/7- 8:00am KEC-58

Battle In The Boro-Tennessee-(Showcase Division)
7/10 11:30am KEC-63
7/10 5:45pm KEC-18
7/11 11:30am KEC=63

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