Basketball Wall Street: “St John’s University Elite Camp 2017”

Basketball Wall Street: “St John’s University Elite Camp 2017”

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Jamaica, N.Y.-For generations St John’s University has been a staple in the New York City Basketball community. The Joe Tartamella Girls Basketball Elite Camp hosted by the St John’s University Women’s Basketball coaching staff was a well run event with state-of-the art facilities and some outstanding student-athletes. The following prospects played well throughout the Camp:


Serah Williams 6’2″|F|2022-New York United

Williams is an emerging forward, post prospect from Brooklyn, NY that performed at a high level throughout the camp. She ran the floor very well and exhibited good court awareness for a true 6-foot-2 player in the seventh grade. She rebounded the ball cleanly at both ends of the court while keeping the ball high, She also scored inside with good touch and was effective from the high post as a facilitator. She is  from the same area in Brooklyn as Maryland forward Brianna Fraser who starred at South Shore High School.

Forever Toppin 5’8″|PG|2018-New Jersey Sparks|Queen Of Peace-(NY)
Toppin has a great name and a great game to match. She is a smooth and reliable ball-handler with drive, draw and dish ability. Her southpaw approach is unorthodox and crafty to go along with a good floater in the lane off the dribble.

Nadjy Tyler 6’3″|F|2019-Philly Triple Treat| Freire Charter-(PA)
Tyler is a standout forward prospect that showed great basketball IQ. She stood tall on defense utilizing her size without fouling. Offensively, she played well without the ball and was fluid in her face-up and drive moves to the basket. She was also physical and showed that Philly toughness.

Shayla Sweeny 5’11″|W|2018-Books & Basketball|Pennsauken-(NJ)
Versatile/Quick first step/ Can score from the perimeter or drive to the basket effectively/Athletic and physical/Sleeper in 2018.

Jenna Cunningham 6’3″|P|2020-Exodus NYC|Brentwood-(NY)
Ideal size and athleticism for a true big/ Good lateral movement/ Solid in the post with pivot moves/Runs the floor from box to box like a guard.

Allayah Brown 6’2″|F|2020-New Heights|Christ The King-(NY)
Physical power post/ Back to the basketball producer/ Emerging skill-set.

Aisha Dabo 6’0″|F|2021-Lady Choz|Mary Louis Academy-(NY)
High Motor power forward prospect/ Defensive presence/ Effective scorer inside.

Kaylen Banwareesingh 5’11″|WF|2019-New Heights| Monsignor Scanlan-(NY)
Good mix of skills/ Size/ Attacks the basketball/ Solid in the mid-range area.

Paige Mott 6’1″|F|2020-Philly Triple Threat|Abington Friends-(PA)
Fluid athlete/ Plays well without the ball/ Good finisher with body control.

Gift Sampson 5’9″|G|2018-New Jersey Sparks|Lodi Immaculate-(NJ)
Physical and aggressive guard-wing/ Plays with intensity/Gets to the free throw line.

Julia Fabozzi 6’0″|G|2020-Exodus NYC-Xaverian-(NY)
Skilled big guard/ Can create her own shot/ Good vision as a passer/ Shot-making ability.

Sydney Taylor 5’10″|G|2018-New York City Heat-St Anthony’s-(NY)
Crafty guard with a solid build/ Attacks from the wing/ Can Score inside,out.

Cavina Richards 5’8″|G|2019-New Heights-Christ The King-(NY)
Savvy guard prospect/ Confident and reliable shooter from the perimeter or three point range/ Under control/ Solid ball-handler.

Kayla Robinson 5’6″|PG|2018-Exodus NYC-St Anthony’s-(NY)
Legit speed and quickness/ Competes on defense/ Attacks in transition.

Celina Roberts 6’1″|F|New York City Heat-St Francis Prep-(NY)
Smooth face-up and back to the basket moves/ plays within the offense/High IQ.

Raquel Longobardi 5’6″|G-|2020-Harlem USA-Christ The King-(NY)
Soild as a perimeter shooter/ Tight ball handler/ Attacks the gaps in the defense.

Raquel Washington 6’2″|F|2020-Harlem USA|St John’s Prep-(NY)
Young forward with good size/ Aggressive on defense/ High motor/Developing skill-set.

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