Basketball Wall Street: New England’s Finest, Caroline Ducharme

Basketball Wall Street: “New England’s Finest, Caroline Ducharme”

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Name: Caroline Ducharme
Height: 6’0″
Position: Guard
Class: 2021
School: Nobles & Greenough School-(Dedham, MA)
GPA: Straight A Student
Travel Club: Micheal Carter Williams Starz


  • Fundamentally Sound
  • Elite Slashing Ability
  • On Ball Defender
  • Playing Without the Basketball
  • Versatile/Athletic
  • Scoring On All Three Levels

For generations the game of basketball has been a staple in the Ducharme family, and that tradition continues with Caroline. The dynamic 6-foot eight-grader has performed well enough at an early age to be considered a potential collegiate prospect. Most people are under the assumption that she is a junior or a sophomore when they see her play. Described as a guard or wing at this point in her development she is advanced in her ability to handle, shoot and pass the basketball. Her size enables her to see over most guards which enhances her play-making skills and ability as a strong on-ball defender. “My family influenced me to play basketball, ever since I was little basketball was just always a big part of my life and just something we would do as a family. My mom played in college and my dad played in high school. My older sister plays and when I was younger I always wanted to do what she did. My younger brother also plays. Once I started to play I realized how much I loved the game and kept wanting to play more and more.” Caroline plays for the Micheal Carter Williams Starz-(MCW Starz) travel club based out of the Boston, Massachusetts area and named after the Chicago Bulls star. She epitomizes the saying “what you put in, is what you get out” as she works diligently in preparation for the upcoming USA Basketball Under-16 trials May 25-29 2017 at the U.S Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs,Colorado. “One of my main goals for this spring and summer is to perform well at the U16 USA Trials. I plan on working a lot on my outside shot in order to increase my range. I also plan on working on my upper body strength to become more of a threat inside”

Caroline does not have to look too far for positive role models with older sister and teammate Ashley Ducharme along for the ride, the 6-2 Junior wing-forward is committed to attend Brown University. The Milton, Massachusettes native enjoys being challenged on and off the court. A heavy itinerary comes with being a student-athlete at Nobles due to its tremendous focus to provide a rich and rigorous academic and athletic experience. “Being at Nobles is definitely very challenging. Every day is jammed packed, I have about 3.5-4 hours of homework every night in addition to daily practices and games. One of the best parts about being at Nobles is that it is a very tight-nit community. You are surrounded by so many amazing faculty and staff that want help you and see you succeed. All of the students are very motivated and want to learn which pushes me in the classroom as well.” “My two favorite subjects are Mathematics and English. I like math because there is a right and wrong answer with a systematic way of figuring out problems. I like English because I find it interesting to see how books can be interpreted in different ways. I’ve really enjoyed the books we have been reading this year and I love our class discussions on them.” Caroline Ducharme is a talented, sharp young lady with a bright future look for her to have a great showing this spring and summer on the travel club circuit.

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