Basketball Wall Street USA: “Mariah Dunn, Is Ready For Division I Basketball”


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Mariah Dunn, Is Ready For Division I Basketball

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Name: Mariah Dunn
Height: 5’9″
Position: Guard/Wing
School: The Ethel Walker School-(Simsbury, CT)
Class: 2019
Grade Point Average: 3.3
Travel Club: Connecticut Basketball Club-(CBC)


  • Fundamentally Sound Scorer
  • Strong Defensive Concepts
  • Size For Position
  • Elite Level Rebounder
  • Finishing Through Contact
  • High Motor/Team Player

Mariah Dunn has earned a reputation as one of the hardest working prospects in the state of Connecticut. The 5-foot-9 Meriden native brings an abundance of energy and effort whenever she steps onto the court. She also takes pride in being a solid two way player. “I don’t get outworked, defense is one of my strengths. I will do anything to make my team win” says Dunn who is intelligent enough to know that being a versatile athlete with an all out defensive approach is conducive to being a great teammate. “She can handle the ball for us. It allows her to be a little more flexible how we use her. She can guard just about anyone. Offensively, she is a nightmare for the other teams. She is quick enough to get around slower defenders and strong on her drives to the basket and post-ups” Says Ethel Walker head coach John Monagan.

Dunn is an impact player and the team’s leading scorer at 20-PPG, with several breakout games throughout the season including two 28-point outbursts in wins against the Kingswood-Oxford School-(West Hartford,CT) and the Kent School-(Kent,CT).
“Mariah is a good scorer but one of her intangible qualities is her ability to be a positive influence on her team. The stats are great, but she has fun playing, you can see she is having a blast on the floor. She has improved our environment and chemistry, she is that type of player.” says Monagan. Being the ideal student-athlete, Mariah also excels in the classroom and is currently maintaining a 3.2 grade-point-average and enjoys studying English and History at the academically rigorous Ethel Walker School. “My goals are to take my offensive game to the next level and to continue to sharpen and improve my overall game as a prospect so I can perform at the highest level.” This is only the beginning for Mariah Dunn, look for her to have a great season this spring and summer with the Connecticut Basketball Club-(CBC).

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