Basketball Wall Street: “Honesty Is The Best Policy”

Syts 2

 Basketball Wall Street USA: “Honesty Is  The Best Policy”

Name: Honesty Scott-Grayson
Height: 5’11”
Position: Guard
Class: 2018
School: Riverdale Baptist School-(Upper Marlboro, Maryland)
Travel Club: Boo Williams-(VA)
College Projection: Major Division I


  • Elite Ball-Handling Skills
  • Transition Vision
  • Feel For The Game
  • Athleticism 
  • Ability To Create Plays
  • Scoring On All Three Levels


Honesty Scott-Grayson has grown from a precocious 7th grader into one of the top players in the country in the scholastic class of 2018 and a member of the USA Women’s Basketball Team. Throughout this cultivation as a prospect Honesty has been able to elevate her game to the highest level. The New Jersey native has just recently transferred to Paul VI Catholic-(Fairfax,Virginia), a school with a powerhouse basketball program. Honesty’s goals are clear for this upcoming season “My goals for this season are to continue working on my craft to get better and help my team win our conference WCAC (Washington Catholic Athletic Conference) and State VISAA (Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association) Championships.” says Scott-Grayson who embraces her teammates and joins a PVI team that is loaded with significant talent coming of off the program’s best season with a 33-1 record and its 3rd consecutive WCAC Championship under the tutelage of head coach Scott Allen. “Our practices are very competitive all the time, which enables us to push each other to get better. I appreciate each and every one of them and look forward to a successful season.” Honesty is always looking to improve her multifaceted game with hard work and dedication. “I would say the best part of my game is that I control the game, I don’t let the game control me. I am extremely competitive but I still have fun playing. Win or lose, I give my best and leave it all on the floor.”


Academically Honesty enjoys studying English and history in the classroom as much as playing basketball. She was also influenced to play the game by her mother Makeisha Scott, who was a standout player in the New Jersey area. “Although my mom signed me up for cheerleading when I was little (laughing because it wasn’t happening), she had no idea she inspired me to play basketball. My mom played and was great from what everyone in our community says and could have really went far, had she had the support she needed. Hearing all of the stories of how good my mom was from family and friends I guess you can say as youngsters we were curious about it. My brother (Tyreek) and I went to her one morning and told her we wanted to play basketball, ever since that day she has supported us 1000%, from sitting us down talking about the game to even getting on the court with us. She would have me going up against my brother a lot and would have my brother going up against older boys. She never really talks about it but I know she wishes she would have went further than she did. So with that being said, I’ve just always wanted to follow in my moms footsteps and continue where she left off. And not because SHE wants me to but because I LOVE this game.and I know she does too. Most importantly I know its going to make her proud to see me succeed at it.” At first glance one can see the striking resemblance between Makeisha and Honesty, but they also share the same love for the game of basketball. At this point Honesty has made her mother and family proud of her accomplishments as a student-athlete, look for her to have a great high school season at Paul VI Catholic.

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