Basketball Wall Street USA: “Live @The House Event 2016”

Basketball Wall Street USA: “Live @The House Event 2016”

The first annual Zero Gravity Live At The House NCAA exposure showcase took place September 24th and 25th 2016 at the House Of Sports complex in Ardsley, New York. The modern and spacious facility located in early Westchester County was the ideal setting for a travel club viewing period event and to host some of the top girls basketball club programs from as far as New Hampshire to Virginia representing a broad demographic of talented student-athletes. The following are evaluations of some of the prospects that participated in the event.

Kateri Poole 5’8 G 2020/ New Heights-(NYC)
Classic New York City point guard;Manipulates the basketball with dexterity; Creates separation; Great feel for the game;Transition vision; Utilizes body control and finesse to finish drives to the basket.

Briana Autrey 5’6 G 2018/ Team Loaded-(VA)
High motor; Lighting quick first step; Elite on ball defender with lateral quickness; Consistent perimeter shooter.

Barbara Ronca 5’7 G 2019/ NEX-New England Exposure Elite-(MA)
Savvy guard prospect;High Basketball IQ; Ability to create plays; Attacks the basket with a purpose; Strong and effective mid-range game.

Earlette Scott 5’10 G 2018/ Lady Choz-(NYC)
Strong slashing ability; Excellent ball-fakes and hesitation moves off the dribble; Finishes drives with good touch in the lane; Physically and mentally tough competitor.

Paris McBride 5’5 G 2018/ Team Loaded-(VA)
Crafty PG with speed and control;Floor general; Low, tight and measured ball-handling skills; Excellent distributor with drive, draw and dish ability.

Kaelynn Satterfield 6’0 G 2019/ New Heights-(NYC)
Dynamic guard/forward prospect; Elusive off the dribble utilizing an inside-out hesitation move into a left to right crossover; Reads and reacts defenses; Give & go/ Pick and roll ability; Finishes inside with good touch and body; Improved playing without the basketball.

Nirel Lougbo 5’10 W/G 2019/ Mass Rivals-(MA)
Excellent athlete that thrives in the open court; Emerging skill set; Effective dribble drive attack from the wing area; Plays the passing lanes well as a defender.

Marissa Gattuso 5’6 PG 2017/ Evolution Elite-(MA)
Fundamentally sound; Can handle the basketball in traffic; Sharp passing skills; Perimeter shot is in place.

Lexi Levy 5’5 PG 2017/ BNY Select-(NY)
Crafty off the dribble; Penetrates and finishes effectively in the lane or in the mid-range area; Good basketball IQ and court awareness.

Carly Whiteside 6’0 F 2019/ Cape Cod Bulls-(MA)
Inside presence with a power game; Can score on the box or from the baseline short corner; High volume rebounder.

Teisha Hyman 5’10 G 2019/ Westchester Hoopers-(NY)
Savvy guard prospect; Elite ball handling and vision; Good defender that utilizes her wingspan to rebound and block shots; Added range beyond the 3-pt arc; Game experience.

Janai Crooms 5’10 G 2018/ Mass Rivals-(MA)
Exceptionally versatile power guard with advanced ball skills; Drive, draws and distributes; Utilizes Good ball and head fakes; Strong frame finishes through contact.

Maia Caito 6’4 P 2018/ Boston Showstoppers-(MA)
Size for position;Effective posting up inside; Ability to pivot and use the glass to
finish; Protects the paint.

Olivia Owens 6’4 P 2018/ City Rocks Elite-(NY)
Good hands and shot blocking ability;Plays big in the lane; Vocal on defense; Smooth post up and drop-step move; Runs from rim to rim; Finishes through contact.

Caroline Durchame 5’11 G 2021/ Micheal Carter Williams Starz-(MA)
Fundamentally sound; Athletic; Elite rebounder with coast-to-coast ability; Smooth shot with a goose-neck follow through; Solid and effective euro-step move in place; High Basketball IQ.

Emily Engstler 6’2 F 2018/ New Heights-(NYC)
Versatile stretch forward prospect; Elite passer from the high post or the box;
Solid ball handling and separation skills; Good hesitation move of the dribble; Perimeter shooting ability in place.

Mackenzie Holmes 6’2 F 2019/ Maine Firecrackers-(ME)
Can turn and finish with both hands; Active on the glass; good help side defender; Shot blocking ability.

Sydney Brown 6’1 WF 2018/ I90 Elite-(NY)
Polished face-up and drive game; Big time athlete with a high motor; Elite rebounder; Improved ball handling.

Amesha Miller 6’1 F 2017/ Team Loaded-(VA)
Baseline producer with size; Solid reverse lay-up move in place; Rebounds her area; Physical defender with length.

Dejah Jenkins 5’6 2019/ Boston Showstoppers-(MA)
Good shooter out to the 3-pt arc;Competes on every play; Ball handling and quickness.

Desiree Davis 5’9 G 2019/ Westchester Hoopers-(NY)
Emerging guard/wing prospect; Speed and athleticism in transition; Improved perimeter shooting and ball handling; Utilizes quick feet and hands as a good on-ball and team defender.

Taniyah Thompson 5’9 G 2019/ Connecticut Starters-(CT)
Slashing wing; Active without the basketball; Lateral quickness; physical defender.

Iyanna Lops 6’0 W 2019/ Lady Choz-(NY)
Active wing with length;Athletic;Solid ability to attack the basket; Emerging skill-set; Good lateral movement as a defender.

Angelina DiMarsic 5’3 PG 2020/ Ring City-(NJ)
Strong ball handler; Vocal floor general; solid floater in the lane.

Kaitlyn Downey 6’1 F 2018/ Empire State Blue Flames-(NY)
High post producer; Solid ball-fake and drive ability; Strong frame creates space in the lane; Consistent perimeter shooting extents to the 3-pt arc.

Asiah Dingle 5’6 G 2018/ Micheal Carter Williams Starz-(MA)
Power guard prospect; Low tight ball handling; Can score in bunches; Gets out and excels in transition.

Sanna Wilson 6’0 F 2021/ City Rocks Elite-(NY)
Elite power forward; Good hands and touch around the basket;Emerging offensive game.

Brianne Moxley 5’8 G 2019/ NDO Hornets-(NY)
Strong attacking guard prospect; Can create off the dribble; Solid in a the half court set; Good perimeter shooter.

Maren Durant 6’2 2019/ Mass Mavericks-(MA)
Offensive presence in the lane;Low Post Moves; finishes at a high rate inside.

Danielle Robinson 5’11 W 2018/ Lady Choz-(NY)
Long, lean wing; Always looking to attack;Physical;Plays with effort.

Live @ The House All Defensive 

Micah Torres 6’2 F 2018/ Albany Lady Stars-(NY)
Me’Ara Carter 6’4 P 2018/ Boston Showstoppers-(MA)
Aaliyah Forman 5’9 G 2020/ Micheal Carter Williams Starz-(MA)
Briana Autrey 5’6 G 2018/ Team Loaded-(VA)
Meg Hair 5’11 G 2018/ I90 Elite-(NY)
Alana Jones 5’7 G 2020/ New Heights-(NYC)
Teisha Hyman 5’10 G 2019/ Westchester Hoopers-(NY)
Catherine Almeida 6’4 P 2019/ New York Havoc-(NY)

Live @ The House Shooters

Kayla Raymond 6’0 G 2018/ NEX Elite-(MA)
Meghan Graff 5’7 G 2018/ Maine Firecrackers-(ME)
Rebecca Ripley 6’0 G 2017/ Mass Rivals-(MA)
Tshai Corbie 5’8 G 2017/ New Heights-(NYC)
Kaylin Reen 5’5 PG 2018/ NEX Elite-(MA)
Laysha Delosantos 5’4 G 2019/ New Heights-(NYC)
Jenna Roche 5’7 G 2018/ NEX Elite-(MA)
Grace Heeps 5’11 G 2019/ New York Havoc-(NY)
Avery LaBarbera 5’6 PG 2018/ Empire State Blue Flames-(NY)
Alex Button 6’0 G 2018/ NDOHornets-(NY)

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