Basketball Wall Street USA: “I90 is Here”


Basketball Wall Street USA: “I90 Elite is Here”

Interstate 90 is a transcontinental freeway and the longest Interstate Highway in the United States at 3,020 miles, with an eastern terminus in Boston, Massachusetts and its western terminus in Seattle, Washington. In November of 2015 the Syracuse based Interstate 90 Elite girls basketball travel club was founded by longtime William Nottingham High School coach Randy Wright and built on the premise and strong foundation of a program were all of the coaches have collegiate basketball playing experience from the Division 1 through 3 levels. This component legitimizes and propels the program in regards to drawing top prospects over other programs with unproven, nondescript coaches and directors that cannot bring in and properly cultivate a high level of legitimate talent on a regular basis.

The newly minted Adidas 3-Stripe Girls Grassroots sponsored organization have a talent pool that stretch 500 miles from Boston to Buffalo. The Current I90 Elite team have 5 prospects in the graduating class of 2017, 4 of which hold several D1 offers and 2 have already verbally committed to attend Towson University and Niagara University as student-athletes respectively. In the class of 2018 the program is very strong and consists of 12 prospects 8 of which are being heavily recruited or hold offers from  D1 schools. Jamie Boeheim a 6-foot-1 Guard is one of the program’s 2018 D1 prospects, she also happens to be the daughter of  legendary Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim. Look for I90 Elite to be a major club in the northeast and on the Adidas circuit.

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