Basketball Wall Street USA: “Prospects By The Numbers”



Basketball Wall Street USA:”Prospects By The Numbers”

The “Prospects By The Numbers” article is to give a prospective of the class of 2017 rankings utilizing the Hoopgurlz and the Prospects Nation lists. Both outfits put forth a comprehensive ranking outlook of prospects on a national level. The top 10 prospects are more or less the same in everyone’s class of 2017 rankings.

The following prospects held ground in both rankings:

Deauzya Richards 6’2″ TX Prospects Nation No.10/ Hoopgurlz No.10
Jade Williams 6’4″ TX Hoogurlz No.13/ Prospects Nation No.7
Raven Farley-Clark 6’4″ NJ Hoopgurlz No.15/ Prospects Nation No.11
Anatasia Hayes 5’7″ TN Prospects Nation No.13/ Hoopgurlz No.17
Mikayla Boykin 5’9″ NC Prospects Nation No.16/ Hoopgurlz No.19
Loretta Kakala 6’3″ CA Hoopgurlz No.25/ Prospects Nation No.21
Ana Lianusa 6’0″ OK Prospects Nation No.28/ Hoopgurlz No.29
Maya Dodson 6’2″ GA Hoopgurlz No.20/ Prospects Nation No.26
Channise Lewis 5’7″ FL Hoopgurlz No.32/ Prospects Nation No.32
Mikayla Coombs 5’10” GA Hoopgurlz No.21/ Prospects Nation No.30
Kayla Owens 6’1″ TX Prospects Nation No.42/ Hoopgurlz No.40

The prospects with the most significant discrepancies in ranking are:

Sidney Cooks 6’4″ WI Hoopgurlz No.5/ Prospect Nation No.92
China Nixon 5’10” VA Hoopgurlz No.34/ Prospect Nation No.94
Elisia Grissett 6’1″ NC Hoopgurlz No.31/ Prospects Nation No.77
Danielle Patterson 6’3″ NY Hoopgurlz No.11/ Prospect Nation No.39
Michaela Onyenwere 6’0″ CO Hoopgurlz No.14/ Prospects Nation No.49
Rennia Davis 6’2″ FL Hoopgurlz No.16/ Prospects Nation No.47
Vivian Gray 6’0″ TX Hoopgurlz No.26/ Prospects Nation No.71
Jaelynn Penn 5’9″ IN Hoopgurlz No.50/ Prospects Nation No.23
Quanniecia Morrison 5’8″ GA Hoopgurlz No.51/ Prospects Nation No.24
Ayanna Clark 6’2″ CA Hoopgurlz No.5/ Prospects Nation No.18
Linsay Duvall 5’11” KY Hoopgurlz No.23/ Prospects Nation No.46
Destiny Littleston 5’9″ CA Hoopgurlz No.9/ Prospects Nation No.29
Chennedy Carter 5’8″ TX Hoopgurlz No.8/ Prospects Nation No.25
Alexis Morris 5’6″ TX Hoopgurlz No.18/ Prospects Nation No.4
Chelsie Hall 5’7″ FL Hoopgurlz No.22/ Prospects Nation No.35
Amaya finklea-Guity 6’3″ MA Hoopgurlz No.44/ Prospects Nation No.69
Kasiyahna Kushkituah 6’3″ GA Prospects Nation No.6/ Hoopgurlz No.38
Mykea Gray 5’6″ MD Prospects Nation No.89/ Hoopgurlz No.53
Destiny Harden 5’10” IL Prospects Nation No.67/ Hoopgurlz No.39
Lauren Miller 6’2″ MO Prospects Nation No.8/ Hoopgurlz No.46
Autumn Newby 6’2″ GA Prospects Nation No.14/ hoopgurlz No.27

Ranked by Prospects Nation/ not ranked by Hoopgurlz:

Khayla Pointer 5’6″ GA Prospect Nation No.12/ Hoopgurlz NR
Braxtin Miller 5’9″ OH Prospect Nation No.15/ Hoopgurlz NR
Taya Robinson 5’9″ VA Prospects Nation No.22/ Hoopgurlz NR
Jayda Adams 5’10” CA Prospect Nation No.27/ Hoopgurlz NR
Gabby Connally 5’6″ TX Prospects Nation No.31/ Hoopgurlz NR
Michala Wilson 6’2″ LA Prospects Nation No.33/ Hoopgurlz NR
Karissa McLaughlin 5’7″IN Prospects Nation No.34/ Hoopgurlz NR
Tatyana Wyatt 6’2″ GA Prospect Nation No.37/ Hoopgurlz NR
Taya Corosdale 6’2″ WA Prospects Nation No.38/ Hoopgurlz NR
Janelle Baily 6’2″ NC Prospects Nation No.43/ Hoopgurlz NR
India Banks 5’9″ GA Prospects Nation No.45/ Hoopgurlz NR
Milicia Ried 5’7″ NY Prospects Nation No.48/ Hoopgurlz NR
Akiene Tera Reed 6’2″ Prospects Nation No.50/ Hoopgurlz NR
Ashley Jones 5’6″ PA Prospects Nation No.53/ Hoopgurlz NR
Sydne Wiggins 5’10” GA Prospects Nation No.57/ Hoopgurlz NR
Mikayla Vaughn 6’3″ PA Prospects Nation No.59/ Hoopgurlz NR
Qadashah Hoppie 5’8″ NJ Prospects Nation No.60/ Hoopgurlz NR

Ranked by Hoopgurlz/ not ranked by Prospects Nation:

Nyah Tate 6’0″ MS Hoopgurlz No.33/ Prospects Nation NR
Myah Taylor 5’7′ MS Hoopgurlz No.42/ Prospects Nation NR
Jasmine Jones 5’11” CA Hoopgurlz No.48/ Prospects Nation NR
Samantha Thomas 5’11” NV Hoopgurlz No.55/ Prospects Nation NR

Prospects Nation Class of 2017 Top 100 State Breakdown:

North Carolina-(6)
New York-(4)
New Jersey-(3)

HoopGurlz Class of 2017 Top 60 State Breakdown:

North Carolina-(4)
New Jersey-(2)
Mississippi -(2)

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