Basketball Wall Street:”Connecticut Pride”

Basketball Wall Street: “Connecticut Pride”

By: Silverio Ford

The spring and summer travel club season gives basketball prospects from all over the country an opportunity to make a name for themselves if they don’t have one already and to gain exposure to obtain a scholarship to attend a college or university. Connecticut native Jalissa Rodriguez is a  5-foot-7 junior point guard that attends The Taft School of Watertown, CT. She has performed well in the ultra competitive All Star Girls Report League during travel club events in Boston, Massachusetts and Raleigh, North Carolina playing for the Westchester Hoopers club. Jalissa is very goal orientated and steps onto the basketball court with a fearless, high intensity approach.

“Some of my goals for the summer is to compete at a high level against the best players in the country, to get better, quicker and stronger, but my ultimate goal this summer is to secure a scholarship offer from a very good academic school with a competitive basketball program.” says Jalissa.

Jalissa game is that of a speedy point guard prospect with dynamic ball handling skills and a consistent and fluid perimeter jump shot that extends out to the three point range area. The echelon of the competition in the ASGR league and the other NCAA viewing period events she will be participating in this summer is at a very high level.

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“I’ve learned that the All Star Girls Report League competition is tough and that all of the players are very good. Its like playing in an all star game every time you are on the court. In travel club basketball there are days we play two games in one day and you have to compete at a high level in each game because the competition is fierce. I love that caliber of play because it helps me to get better and shows me what I need to work on. I really enjoy the challenge.”

“Currently in high school I start at the point guard position for the girls varsity basketball team at The Taft School. Taft is a part of the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) in the class A Division, which is very competitive. In this division a lot of teams have more than one college bound player on their rosters. The past two seasons along with my teammates, I’ve helped lead Taft to the New England 8 Championship game. My goal this upcoming school season as a senior is to win it all for my teammates and coaches. They work so hard and truly deserve it. It would be great to finish my high school career winning a championship.” says Rodriguez.

The academic rigor at The Taft School is second to none and Jalissa has worked extremely hard and has dedicated herself to being an outstanding student. This spring and summer provides a great opportunity for her to cultivate her game as a prospect and to prepare herself for the high school season to lead her team to winning the New England 8 Championship. Jalissa’s strong Puerto Rican heritage correlates to her being a 2016 National Puerto Rican U18 Team trials invitee. When it is all said and done Jalissa will like to pursue a career in business and she is on the right track as a stellar student-athlete.

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