Basketball Wall Street: New York Girls Report Friday Night Super Showcase 2016




Basketball Wall Street: New York Girls Hoops Report Friday Night Super Showcase:

The New York Girls Hoops Report Friday Night Super Showcase individual exposure event April 15th 2016 at Riverbank Park in New York City was a well ran event with a good crop of talent mainly coming from the New York tri-state area. The following prospects were evaluated by Basketball Wall Street:


Charity Barnes 6’0 2019 Summit Academy-(NY)

Barnes was at the top of the list at the exposure event in terms of talent and raw ability, she is a wing prospect with physical gifts and a multifaceted game. She utilizes her size,athleticism and competitiveness to slash and drive to the basket to be a creative finisher around the rim. Barnes can also shoot the basketball from 3-pt range. With more game experience and skill development she has a chance to be a major college recruit.

Kateri Poole 5’8 G 2020 Monsignor Scanlan-(NY)

Poole was one of the most skilled guard prospects and the event utilizing a great change of pace dribble into a lethal inside-out hesitation maneuver to get by defenders easily and finish strong at the basket. She also exhibited above average court vision and savvy setting up teammates in drive and kick situations. Poole will be one of Monsignor Scanlan’s top guards next season.


Zhaneia Thybulle 5’6 PG 2018 Elmont-(NY)

Thybulle is a speedy point guard with a tight ball handle and a good crossover dribble in place, she can also play at a fast uptempo pace but remain under control. Her improvement as a solid point guard has raised her stock as a D1 prospect

Kayla Johnson 6’1 F 2020 South Shore-(NY)

Johnson is a youthful forward with a developing interior, wing game. Her raw ability to make angled drives to the basket and finish through contact is her main attribute at this point in her development. Johnson will be playing for Public School Athletic League back to back Champions South Shore-(Brooklyn,NY)

Honorable Mention:

Jada Lucas 5’5 2017 New London-(CT)
Callie Cavanugh 6’3 2017 Holyoke-(MA)
Grace Heeps 5’10 2019 Columbia-(NY)
Lauren McPeek 5’10 2018 Binghamton-(NY)
Gabi Redden 6’2 2017 Rutgers Prep-(NJ)
Jaliena Sanchez 5’6 2019 Springfield Central-(MA)
Abby Weiss 5’5 2017 Midwood-(NY)
Lola Mullaney 5’9 2019 Colts Neck-(NJ)
Destiny Byfield 5’8 2017 John Jay School for Law-(NY)
Taliyah Medina 5’11 2020 Bethlehem Catholic-(PA)
Sky Castro 6’2 2020 Summit Academy-(NY)
Jenna Cunningham 6’3 2020 Brentwood-(NY)

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