Basketball Wall Street: Travel Club Edition 2




Basketball Wall Street: Travel Club Edition 2

By: Silverio Ford



BWSL Richmond 2016 17U Roster:

Stephanie Seaman 5’7 2017 Cape Henry Collegiate-(VA)
Tyrianna Owens 5’5 2017 Kempsville-(VA)
Alexandra Parson 5’6 2017 Monocan-(VA)
Addisen Delu 5’8 2017 Spotswood-(VA)
Kennedy Beale 5’8 2017 Cape Henry Collegiate-(VA)
Micalia Coleman 5’10 2017 Nottoway-(VA)
Emily Conroe 6’0 2017 Fairfax Home School-(VA)
Janeen Camp 6’5 2017 TPLS Christian-(VA)
Deja Carter 6’4 2017 Cosby-(VA)
Emily Marpin 6’4 2017 Convenant-(VA)
Janae Camp 6’3 2017 TPLS Christian-(VA)
Alexis Hueston 6’2 2017 Northside-(VA)
Madison Lowery 6’2 2017 TPLS Christian-(VA)

(Stephanie Seaman/Alexandra Pearson)

“Our goals are always the same. To see all of our girls reach the next level and achieve their dreams. Keeping Christ first in all we do is our focus. That doesn’t always make news, but as you can see with Stephen Curry, our faith in the Lord Jesus pushes our program forward each year. This will be a great year for us, 2017 and 2018 lead the way for BWSL Richmond with each roster carrying division one athletes from top to botttom. 2019 and 2020 have a lot of young talent growing in the right direction. 6’3 Freshaman Samantha Brunelle headlines the 2018 team along with Rachael Stovall 6’4 Sophomore. Camp and Carter hold down the middle for the 2017 team. Size is not an issue for either team, following up with great play makers and shooters with both groups rounds out each team.” says program director Mike Davis. On the recruiting trials Parson is committed to Richmond and Conroe is headed to Air Force.

Cy-Fair Shock 2016 17U Roster:

Jade Williams 6’4 2017 Prestonwood Christian-(TX)
Charli Collier 6’4 2018 Barbers Hill-(TX)
Laura Daulton 6’2 2017 Westbury Christian-(TX)
Deauzya Richards 6’1 2017 Cypress Ranch-(TX)
Kayla Owens 6’1 2017 Langham Creek-(TX)
Chastity Patterson 5’6 2017 North Shore-(TX)
Aerial Starks 5’9 2017 A&M Consolidated-(TX)
Sierra Cheatham 6’0 2017 Clear Springs-(TX)
Jasmine Smith 5’8 2017 Dekaney-(TX)
Ariana Whitfield 5’6 2017 Cypress Ranch-(TX)

(Sierra Cheatham/Charli Collier)

The Cy-Fair Athletics club is one of the premier girls basketball travel clubs in the country. Established in 1997 to provide a year round basketball program with quality instruction for girls to compete in select AAU tournaments and NCAA exposure events around the country. Program director Al Coleman’s goals are to consistently compete on a national level and simultaneously provide fundamental excellence for as many players as possible. In 2013 the CFA club won the Nike Nationals Championship in Augusta, South Carolina. Highly regarded prospect Jade Williams a 6-foot-4 junior is a new edition to the program.

Nike EYBL Bracket Chicago,IL 2016:

California Swish-(CA)
Tree of Hope-(WA)
Miami Suns-(FL)
All Iowa Attack-(IA)
New England Crusaders-(MA)
New Jersey Sparks-(NJ)

Hoop Dreams Athletics Black 2016 17U Roster:

Arielle Wilson 6’6 2017 Home School-(NC)
Mohogany Matthews 6’4 2018 Hoke County-(NC)
Sierra Votaw 6’3 2017 Harrells Christian Academy-(NC)
Amariah Stanard 6’2 2019 Tucker-(GA)
Elysa Wesolek 6’2 2018 Northwood Academy-(SC)
Chyna Cotton 6’1 2017 Southwest Atlanta Christian-(GA)
Dazia Powell 5’10 2017 Millbrook-(NC)
Sisalynn Norman 5’11 2017 Millbrook-(NC)
Ariyana Williams 5’9 2017 Freedom-(NC)
Erin Thames 5’8 2017 Hopewell-(NC)
Katlyn Young 5’7 2017 Jack Britt-(NC)
Makayla Kimble 5’7 2019 Village Christian Academy-(NC)

The North Carolina based Hoop Dreams Athletes travel club is in its 17th year under the direction of Dorian Williams, the program also have prospects from South Carolina and Georgia. This years team is very strong with a nice mix of freshmen, sophomores and juniors and will compete at the highest level throughout the spring and summer. The new editions to the team are: Ariyana Williams a combo guard from Morganton,NC , Elysa Wesolek a wing forward from South Carolina and Erin Thames a point guard from Charlotte,NC.

(Ariyana Williams/ Erin Thames)

“Many coaches are happy just to say they have an athlete with a name already. They let parents control their program because they are sacred they may lose the kid. They allow the players to feel like they may be more important than another kid on the team. That will never happen here. Every kid in Hoop Dreams Athletes is important and I don’t have a designated STAR on my team! If you think you are a star then you will act like a star. My kids understand that the stars in Hoop Dreams Athletics are the coaches, the ones that are donating their time to get them better”. Coach Williams also prides himself on having quality teams over a quantity of mediocre teams. “The thing is I usually only have one or no more than two teams every year, I want to have quality and eventually I guess that will open the door to having lots of teams. But only when I feel that I have quality coaches for each team.”

The Hoop Dreams Athletes goals are:”To make sure EVERY kid on my team gets a full scholarship(free education)!. I know that many of the kids on my team may go on to play some form of pro basketball but that is not my focus. My focus is to make sure that they are working hard and preparing themselves to get in front of college coaches and earn a free ride. I preach to them that it is a job when getting a scholarship and if you don’t do your job well someone else will definitely have your job!”. Says Williams. The club will start off this season by participating in the ASGR Hoop Fest Atlanta,GA April 15-17 2016 and the Deep South Event in Raleigh,NC April 22-24 2016.

So Cal Select 2016 17U Roster

Ayanna Clark 6’3 2017 Long Beach Poly-(CA)
Juliana Louis 6’2 2017 St Anthony’s-(CA)
Sophia Carroll 6’1 2018 Bishop Montgomery-(CA)
Alaja Edwards 5’9 2017 St Anthony’s-(CA)
Stae’tia Knight 2017 Home School
Kaiya Corona 5’9 2019 Windward School-(CA)
Cailyn Crocker 5’8 2019 Los Alimoitos-(CA)
Kayla Padilla 5’9 2019 Bishop Montgomery-(CA)
Da’Ja Hamilton 5’8 2019 Summit-(CA)
Leilani McIntosh 5’5 2019 Xavier Prep-(AZ)
Khylee Jade 5’11 2021 Madrona-(CA)

(Ayanna Clark/Khylee Jade)

The newly organized South California Select girls basketball skills development club is directed by Matthew Thalley and is centrally based in the Los Angeles, California area. The club has excelled in a short time with outstanding coaching and top tier prospects. Leading the way is Southern California commit Ayanna Clark a junior forward. The SCS will start off the new season at the ASGR HoopFest Los Angeles, CA April 15-17 2016 and then continue on to the Deep South Event in Raleigh, North Carolina April 22-24 2016.

Havoc City Elite 2016 17U Roster:

Taleah Washington 5’8 2018 Forestville-(MD)
Anessa Rivera 6’0″ 2019 Forestville-(MD)
Kristin Horne 5’9 2017 Dr Henry Wise-(MD)
Danielle Levenberry 5’10 2018 Hylton-(VA)
Elise Levenberry 5’10 2018 Hylton-(VA)
Imani Reid 6’0 2019 Hammond-(MD)
Carrie Gross 5’9 201 Forestville-(MD)
Ayiana Keith 5’6 2018 Northpoint-(MD)
Aliyah Matharu 5’7 2019 Forestville-(MD)

(Anessa Rivera/Aliyah Matharu)

The Havoc City Elite travel club is based out of the District Heights, Maryland area but draws players from Washington,DC and Virginia as well. Program director James Washington does a great job coaching and developing prospects. Co-director and administrator Tiffany Washington is the organizational component of the program that is a member of the ASGR Summer League and will begin the NCAA evaluation period playing in the ASGR HoopFest in Boston,MA April 15-17 2016. On the recruiting trails 2018 guard prospect Taleah Washington is committed to Old Dominion.

(Imani Ried/ James “Boogie” Washington)


Books&Basketball 2016 17U Roster:

Naiyana Sabb 5’5 2017 Glouster Catholic-(NJ)
Deja King 5’7 2017 Life Center Academy-(NJ)
Tenisha Pressley 5’8 2017 Glouster Catholic-(NJ)
Tyasia Lewis 5’8 2018 Trenton Catholic-(NJ)
Chyna Wooten 5’11 2017 Imhotep Charter-(PA)
Imani Lewis 6’2 2018 Life Center Academy-(NJ)
Danielle Sanderlin 6’0 2017 Glouster Catholic-(NJ)
Amber Brown 5’11 2017 South Brunswick-(NJ)
Amaya Melvins 5’7 2017 Winslow-(NJ)
Cayla Sexton 5’8 2017 Ewing-(NJ)
Eunice Jimenezs 5’6 2017 Westown-(PA)

(Tyasia Lewis/ Naiyana Sabb)

Books and Basketball is an Under Armour grassroots girls basketball program under the direction of Pervis Ellison a former #1 pick in the NBA draft. The club has a central location in New Jersey but also draws prospects from the Pennsylvania and Delaware areas as well. Junior guard Tenisha Presseley has already verbally committed to Boston University. “Our goals are to compete against some of the best talent across the country, get better each weekend, play the right way, play hard every game, win our division at Boo William-(VA) and Battle of The Boro-(TN). says coach Antione Sabb. The Books&Basketball club will start off the season at the New Jersey Sparks Event in Paterson, NJ April 15-17 2016 then go on to the Boo Williams Spring Event in Hampton,VA April 22-24 2016.

(Danielle Sanderlin/Amber Brown)

Bay State Magic Elite 2016 17U Roster:

Caroline Stover 6’3 2018 Cardinal Spellman-(MA)
Hannah Peterson 6’3 2018 Marshfield-(MA)
Emma Squires 6’1 2018 Tabor Academy-(MA)
Annabelle Larnard 5’11 2018 Fontbonne Academy-(MA)
Monica Spain 5’11 2018 Archbishop Willimas-(MA)
Taylor Scott 5’10 2018 Hanover-(MA)
Rachel Tutkus 5’8 2018 Braintree-(MA)
Caroline Wilson 5’11 2018 Sandwich-(MA)
Cassie Caldwell 5’7 2018 Marshfield-(MA)
Stephanie Lyons 5’7 2018 Thayer Academy-(MA)
Alyssa Tenagila 5’6 2018 Braintree-(MA)

(Caroline Stover/Annabelle Larnard)

The Massachusetts based Bay State Magic Elite basketball program under the direction of Pat Lamb is committed to assisting female basketball players in their pursuit of excellence. In 2015 the Bay State Magic Elite became a Blue Star team, this sponsorship will increase the clubs national exposure and branding. This years team will start the NCAA evaluation period participating in the ASGR HoopFest Boston,MA April 15-17 2016.


Castle Athletics 2016 17U Roster:

Patrice Hardin 5’8 2017 Sayerville-(NJ)
Janean Cuffee 5’7 2017 Lawrenceville-(NJ)
Stephanie Sabido 5’11 2017 Mckee Staten Island Tech-(NY)
Infinity Hammonds 5’6 2018 Murry Bergtraum-(NY)
Maria Minaya 6’0 2017 Harry Truman-(NY)
Liz Garcia 5’11 2017 Holy Angels-(NJ)
Dai’yanni Davis 5’11 2017 Murry Bergtraum-(NY)
Tori Dellapace 5’8 2017 Loyola School-(NY)
Zakiya Beckles 5’8 2017 Middlesex-(NJ)
Morenike Akinrefon 5’7 2017 Sayerville-(NJ)
Cristina Carmerlengo 5’8 2017 Wagner-(NY)
Alexis Bennett 5’9 2017 Neptune-(NJ)

(Janean Cuffee/Stephanie Sabido)

The Castle Athletics girls basketball program led by Curtiz Simpson is based in New York City but recruits prospects from all over the state and New Jersey. The club’s top team is also coached by Simpson and consists of several division one prospects. Cuffee is a dynamic junior guard prospect from New Jersey, Hardin is an athletic combo guard also a junior from New Jersey. Hammonds is a speedy scoring sophomore point guard and Sabido is a solid junior wing forward type of player from Staten Island, NY. This years team will start off the season at the Rose Classic Open-NY April 15-17 2016 then head south onto the Boo Williams Spring Event April 22-24 2016 Hampton, VA.

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