Basketball Wall Street:”New Jersey 2018 Prospects”


Basketball Wall Street: “New Jersey 2018 Prospects”

Honesty Scott-Grayson 5’11 Blair Academy
Brittany Garner 6’4 Camden Catholic
Andrea Aquino 6’9 Paterson Eastside
Jahsyni Knight 5’7 Rutgers Prep
Dara Mabrey 5’7 Manasquan
Jordan Mclemore 5’7 Lodi Immaculate
Elizabeth Marsicano 6’0 St Rose
Danielle Robinson 5’9 Malcolm X Shabazz
Rose Caverly 5’9 Red Bank Catholic
Christina Autonakakis 5’6 Rumson Fairhaven
Erica Martinsen 6’0 Blair Academy
Kate Rice 5’10 Red Bank Catholic
Ebony Brown 5’9 Teaneck
Jasmine Carter 6’2 Timber Creek
Imani Lewis 6’2 Life Center
Moryah Jordan 6’2 East Orange
Veronica Kelly 6’1 Chatham
Julia Cunningham 5’8 Watchung hills
Mya Grimes 5’10 Ewing
Danielle Jordan 5’8 St Rose
Kaiya Burnett 5’7 Notre Dame
Abbey Lawrence 5’7 Newark Tech
Lindsey Mack 5’6 Seacaucus
Mikayla Markham 5’7 St Rose
Hailee Jantorno 5’7 Notre Dame
Lauren Lewter 5’10 East Orange
Forever Toppin 5’7 Lodi Immaculate
Caitlin Townes 5’7 Malcolm X Shabazz
Lauren lewis 5’7 Paul VI Catholic
Molly Collins 5’4 Donovan Catholic
Eve Crawford 5’6 East New Brunswick

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