Basketball Wall Street: SayYesToSuccess Elite Camp BKLYN NY




By: Silverio Ford

The SayYesToSuccess Elite Camp took place this Saturday September 19th at the legendary Foster Park in Brooklyn NY. Foster Park is the home to basketball legends such as: Vinny “The Microwave” Johnson;James “Fly”Williams; Lloyd “World B”Free; Sam Perkins and, Bernard and Albert King respectively. The camp featured a good mix of student-athletes, the following prospects were evaluated by Basketball Wall Street:









Paris Clark 5’6″ 2022 St Raymonds School NY

Clark is a young point-guard prospect who is creative off the dribble utilizing elite ball handling skills and speed. Her strong offensive concepts and south-paw approach enables her to gain separation to score at a high rate or manufacture open looks for teammates.










Lexi Tarul 5’8″ 2021 St Clare School NY

Tarul is a big,guard wing prospect that exhibited good mechanics as a shooter, a skill-set that contributes to her solid drives to the basket off of defensive close-outs.Her ability to handle the basketball is in place, she also passed the ball well.


Nia Bailey 5’7″ 2020 Albert Leonard NY

Bailey is a fundamentally sound athletic combo guard prospect with a good first step and a fluid perimeter shot.She is also an above average defensive prospect utilizing good instincts and quick hands and feet.


Shanice Samuels 5’10” 2016 Brooklyn Arts&Media HS NY

Samuels is a wing prospect that showcased great footwork,athleticism and defensive concepts.Offensively she has a strong drive and finish move to the basket and a good mid-range shot.Samules is a solid D2 prospect and a great student-athlete with a 3.5-GPA.


Shanice Sinclair 5’5″ 2020 Our Lady of Victory NY

Sinclair is a point guard prospect who is a jet with the basketball and a shifty ball handler.She was very fluid in transition and utilized bounce and chest passes effectively.Her shot is solid from the perimeter out the the 3-pt arc.


Mariama Jaw 5’10” 2016 Benjamin Banneker HS NY

Jaw is a small forward prospect with a high motor and hustles on every play.her rebounding skills are good and she can also score inside.Jaw is the consummate team player and an excellent sudent with a 3.2-GPA


Teisha Hyman 5’10” 2019 Woodlands-NY

Hyman is a guard prospect with elite shiftiness and a stellar first step.Her wingspan allows her to be an elite on ball defender. Hyman showcased high-end potential with a diverse set of offensive skills.Schools involved: Rutgers;South Carolina;Maryland;St John’s;South Florida;Hoftra;Delaware.

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