LovePeopleSports News:”Residency Games in Greenburgh”


LovePeopleSports News:”Residency Games in Greenburgh”

By:Silverio Ford

It is alleged that a Woodlands,New York high school girls basketball player has been playing illegally at the Greenburgh,New York school located in Westchester County as first reported by the Lower Hudson Journal News.

The 13 year old child whose name has not been mentioned had to withdraw from the Greenburgh Central School District following an investigation into her legal residency.

The Journal News asked district officials why was she allowed to attend 8th grade at Woodlands Middle School and play on the Woodlands high school varsity girls basketball team when public records show her legal address is in Garnerville in Rockland County.

“The student is no longer enrolled in the Greenburgh school district” said Tahira Dupree-Chase the Greenburgh Central School District Superintendent.

“The Woodlands high school girls basketball coach Ty Postell brought me to the high school team after coaching me with a New Jersey travel club team” said the 13 year old child.

“Coach Ty is my coach for the travel team and he saw I had a lot of potential for playing varsity for his high school team and that’s how we got connected”

The child’s mother who has legal custody would not comment on the situation. However, court records filed in December of 2014 and signed by the mother list The Garnerville address in Rockland County, New York.

The child’s father who lives in Tiells,aslo in Rockland County, originally said she lives with her mother near the Haversaw Police station, but later changed his story saying that she lives in Hartsdale.

Coach Ty Postell is a coach in the New Jersey Sparks travel club organization.

Greenburgh is a town With a population of approximately 90,000 located in the western part of Westchester County,New York bordered by the city of Yonkers on the south,Mount Pleasant to the north and to the east by White Plains and the town of Scarsdale.The western boundary is the Hudson River.

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