Basketball Wall Street: National Title IX Holiday Invitational Conference and Classic

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By: Silverio Ford

There are so many conventional scholastic girls basketball events across the country,but none that conveys a more profound message than the 6th Annual National Title IX Holiday Invitational Conference and Classic in Washington D.C. December 27-30 2014.
The Sankofa Project and Nike sponsored event epitomizes the Title IX women’s rights initiative in that it gives young ladies a platform to showcase not only their athletic side but their social,cultural and academic sides as well.

The powerful conference portion of the event was held at The Hyatt on Capital Hill where the chair of the minority opportunities interest committee of the NCAA, China Jade eloquently engaged the room as the keynote speaker.
Forty-two public,parochial and preparatory high school basketball programs from as far as Chatsworth, California to Jacksonville, Florida litered four courts at the revamped D.C. Armory.All of the student-athletes that participated in the event were outstanding in character and athletic ability.The following prospects were evaluated by Basketball Wall Street:

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Alexis Gray 5-6 JR Georgetown Visitation-DC

Gray is a savvy skilled point guard with a great mental approach to the game. Her ball handling is tight and measured to create separation and her shot is consistent from the perimeter.Gray’s mental toughness allows her to stay focused and poised under pressure.

Lindsey Pulliam 5-11 Soph Good Counsel-MD

Pulliam is a big guard wing prospect that plays extremely well within the frame of the offense.She is very solid in catch and shoot situations utilizing a textbook shooting form with a goose-neck follow through.Pulliam also rebounds well and is active on defense.

Kimah Street 5-7 Soph Benjamin Mays-GA
Street is a tremendous athlete from the guard position, she is aggressive offensively scoring or getting her teammates involved with crisp passes.Her quick hands and instincts make her a great defender.

Dejah Logan 5-11 Sr McDonogh-MD
Logan is a pure scorer that is intelligent enough to play to her strengths which are hard angled drives to the basket or converting in the mid-range.Logan is committed to Charleston.

Kiara Lewis 5-8 JR Whitney Young-IL
Lewis is your true classic Chicago point guard with an outstanding ball handle and a dynamic hesitation maneuver.She also has a great pull-up jumper in the lane and can run a team from the point guard position.


Danielle Patterson 6-3/So/W Medgar Evers Prep-NY
Patterson is a fluid wing forward prospect with a multifaceted skill-set,at 6-foot-3 she has amazing size and length to contribute to her excellent face-up game into a dribble drive and finish at the rim. Her body control, hands and footwork are outstanding for a prospect of her stature. Patterson’s drop step and pivot maneuvers are sharp and polished, her ball handling and perimeter shooting is consistent enough for her to play on the wing. With improved intensity Patterson is a Top 10 caliber prospect.

Genesis Parker 5-7 JR Stonewall Jackson-VA
Parker is a solid ball handler with a quick first step who is equally comfortable attacking right and left while running the offense for her team.Parker’s  strong frame allows her to get into the lane and be effective either scoring or creating for her teammates.

Kyara Frames 5-4 Soph Bishop McNamara-MD
Frames  is every coaches dream, a pure point guard who can run an offense and score when needed.Her speed is an asset in the open court,and her decision making is excellent with very little turnovers.

Naomi Ekwedike 6-6 JR Potters House-FL
Ekwedike establishes position well in the low post and is a woman on the blocks, she also finishes inside through contact.Defensively she is can block and change shots effectively.


Mykea Gray 5-6 So National Christian Academy-MD

Gray is a guard prospect that keeps defenders honest because she is always on attack mode,this disposition allows her to drive the lane and finish over bigger defenders.Grays development as a consistent perimeter shooter will make her a solid D1 point guard.

Niya Johnson 5-8 JR Nazareth Regional-NY
Johnson is a unique guard prospect who is crafty,smart and possesses a lethal cross-over maneuver.She is so very good at creating shots in the mid-range as a pure scorer.Johnson utilizes her body well to draw fouls and finish at a high rate.


Tolulope Omokore 5-11 Sr Eleanor Roosevelt-MD
Omokore is a high motor power forward that consistently battles for rebounds and brings hustle,energy and relentlessness to the court.She is a very effient player and can score inside.Committed to Central Florida


Theresa Ekhelar 6-6 SR Life Center-NJ
Ekhelar is a post prospect with an athletic,strong body these attributes give her the ability to be an excellent rebounder and to hold position in the low post.With improved offensive concepts Ekhelar will be a big contributor at Ohio State next season.


Destiny Philoxy 5-7 Fr South Shore-NY

Philoxy is a freshman guard prospect that excels in transition using speed and a south-paw angle dribble drive and finish.At this stage in her development perimeter shooting and decision making should be stressed in practice.

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LovePeopleSports Title IX International:


Akiene Tera Reed 6-2 Soph Life Center-NJ
Reed is a prototypical big guard wing prospect that is a natural scorer with great spot-up,pull-up ability.The New Zealand Natives height and length allows her to essentially play over the top of smaller defenders and it also helps in finishing at the rim.Her game is so advanced because she is able to be effective playing without the basketball,with improved aggressiveness and intensity Reed is a Top-25 caliber prospect.


Michelle Nichols 6′ JR Life Center-NJ
Nichols is a prospect from New Zealand with a high basketball IQ, and is great in catch and shoot situations.Her solid frame allows her to be successful in the mid-post area and in.With improved acclimation to American basketball Nichols is a solid mid-low major prospect.


Anemone Scheel 6-1 SR New Hope-NC
Scheel is a forward prospect with outstanding shooting range,she can also mix it up inside and rebound.The Denmark native has acclimated herself well to American basketball but could use improvement in ball handling and a back to the basket move.

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LovePeopleSports:Title IX Scores:

Cheyenne Wallace Sr F Sierra Canyon-CA-(35-pts) vs National Christian-MD
Rella Boothe So F Potters House-FL-(32-pts) vs New Hope-NC
Niya Johnson JR G Nazareth-NY-(32-pts) vs Ben Mays-GA
Kiara Lewis JR G Whitney Young-IL-(28-pts) vs National Christian-MD
Alexis Gray JR G Georgetown Visitation-DC-(28-pts) vs Bishop McNamara-MD
Aisha McCalla Fr G Eleanor Roosevelt-MD-(27-pts) vs Good Counsel-MD
Genesis Parker JR G Stonewall Jackson-VA-(25-pts) vs Georgetown Visitation-DC
Sydney Jordan Sr F Stonewall Jackson-VA-(25-pts) vs South Shore-NY

Mykea Gray So G National Christian-MD-(24-pts) vs Riverdale Baptist-MD

Rachel Burns Sr G Stonewall Jackson-VA-(23-pts) vs Bishop O’Connell-VA

Dejah Logan Sr G McDonough-MD-(21-pts) vs Sierra Canyon-CA
Morgan Smith JR G Bishop McNamara-MD-(21-pts) vs Nazareth-NY
Kennedy Burke Sr F/G Sierra Canyon-CA-(21-pts) vs McDonogh-MD
Bhrandi Crenshaw So G TC Williams-VA-(21-pts) vs Institute of Notre Dame-MD
Danielle Patterson So F/G Medgar Evers Prep-NY-(20-pts) vs Thomas Edison-VA
Lindsey Pulliam So G Good Counsel-MD-(20-pts) vs Riverdale Baptist-MD
Taylor Goode JR G St Anthonys-NY-(20-pts) vs Riverdale Baptist-MD
Raven Farley-Clark JR F Patrick School-NJ-(20-pts) vs Anacosita-DC


LovePeopleSports: Title IX Shooters:

Chanise Ray JR G Mount Vernon-VA
Olivia Martino So G National Christian-MD
Isabelle Spingola JR F/G Whitney Young-IL
Maddie Reed JR G Georgetown Visitation-DC
Denisha Swain Sr G Potters House-FL
Sam Kramer JR G Gil St Bernard-NJ
Tierra Cochraham JR G Thomas Edison-VA
Tsahai Corbie So G South Shore-NY

academic 2
LovePeopleSports:Title IX All Academic Team:

First Team:

Eva Hubbard JR G Spalding-MD-(4.4-GPA-wtd)
Jarhonda Roberts JR G Friendship Collegiate-DC-(4.4-GPA)
Alicia Gonzales JR G Bishop O’Connell-VA-(4.4-GPA)
Kate Delaney Sr G Georgetown Visitation-DC-(4.3-GPA-wtd)
Jameira Johnson Sr F McDonogh-MD-(4.2-GPA-wtd)
Megan Laychak Sr G TC Williams-VA-(4.3-GPA)
Allyson Murphy JR G St Anthony’s-NY-(4.1-GPA)

Second Team:

Eden Kolisso Fr G Theodore Roosevelt-DC-(4.1-GPA)
Elisa Soloman JR G Mount Vernon-VA-(4.1-GPA)
Sydney Jordan Sr F Stonewall Jackson-VA-(4.1-GPA)
Ilysia Lewis Sr G St Francis Academy-MD-(4.0-GPA)
Markinda Mathews Sr F Anacosita-DC-(4.0-GPA)
Zhane Irby Sr G Patrick School-NJ-(3.8-GPA)
Threse Gilmore Sr F National Christian-MD-(3.7-GPA)

LovePeopleSports: Title IX All Name Team:

Timber Tate New Hope-NC
Justice Westmoreland JR G St Vincent Palotti-MD
Winnie Tyobee JR G Life Center-NJ
Medina Muhammad Sr G Whitney Young-IL
Savannah Buchanan JR G McDonogh-MD
Hunter Rowson So G St Vincent Palotti-MD
Morgan Towells JR G Medgar Evers Prep-NY


LovePeopleSports Title IX Top Coaches:

Diana Martinez Stonewall Jackson-

Delaney Rudd New Hope-NC

Ken Parham St Anthonys-NY

Tony Bannister Potters House-FL

Frank Oliver Bishop McNamara-MD

Cory Irvin Whitney Young-IL

Brad Rees McDonogh-MD

Henry Anglin National Christian-MD

St Anthony's-NY

St Anthony’s-NY

Riverdale Baptist School-MD

Riverdale Baptist School-MD

National Christian Academy-MD

National Christian Academy-MD

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