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rose classic

LovePeopleSports:Rose Classic Fall 2013 Update;

Exodus NYC-55
D1 Bound-48

lauren best

Exodus NYC played an inspired brand of basketball in a win over an excellent D1 Bound squad.Lauren Best did an amazing coaching job and the team defense was great at neutralizing UConn commit Courtney Ekmark a 5-Foot-11 senior out of Phoenix,Arizona to 2-pts.Yasmine Belk committed to Virginia Commonwealth had a big double-double for Exodus NYC.Jennifer Fay was steady as usual and Clay Brown controlled the offense well and played solid defense all game. Daneesha Provo was the key factor in the win over D1 Bound providing scoring,strong defense and timely rebounding.

daneesha provo
Daneesha Provo 5-11 2015 Kent School-CT

Yasmine Belk 6-3 2014 Nazareth Regional-NY 13-PTS 13-REBS

Jennifer Fay 5-10 2014 Nazareth Regional-NY 20-PTS

Aliyah Huland-EL 6-2 2014 Randolph-NJ/D1 Bound 26-PTS 11-REBS

davida dale

Mass Rivals-54
Trenton Catholic-NJ-25

Davida Dale 5-11 2016 St Andrews-RI 10-PTS 10-REBS 5-Ass

Janai Crooms 5-9 2018 RI 13-PTS 5-REBS

Erin Garner 6-4 2014 Trenton Catholic-NJ 15-PTS 8-REBS

khalia prather

Riverdale Baptist-MD-50
St Anthonys-NY-36

Chania Ray 5-8 SR 10-PTS 5-Ass 4-Stls

Chole Jackson 5-8 SR 16-PTS

Khalia Prather 6-2 SR 11-REBS 7-PTS

Lena Niag 6-3 JR 12-REBS 6-PTS

Tyla Parham 5-4 SR 8-PTS 4-Ass

courtney ekmark

Mass Rivals-53
Lady Choz NYC-34

Courtney Ekmark 5-11 SR St Marys-AZ/Rivals 19-PTS

Davida Dale 5-11 So St Andrews-RI 11-PTS 10-REBS 6-Ass

Joella Gibson 5-5 SR/Lady Choz 15-PTS

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Side Bar:

-Bianca Cuevas 5-7 SR was on a visit to Ole Miss and did not play for Exodus NYC

-Makeda Nichols 6-2 SR and Chastity Taylor 5-10 SR did not play for St Anthony’s.

-Davida Dale 5-11 So has transferred from LaSalle Academy-RI to St Andrews-RI.Dale is one of the better 2016’s in the country.

-Courtney Ekmark 5-11 SR made the trip to Brooklyn,NY from Phoenix,AZ and played with Mass Rivals and the D1 Bound outfit.

-Janai Crooms 5-9 2018 out of Cranston,Rhode Island played well in the win against Trenton Catholic-NJ connecting on three 3-pointers and has the skill-set,build and confidence to play inside-out and be effective.

-The D1 Bound out-fit is coached by Mike Toro and consists of:
Aliyah Huland-EL 6-2
Courtney Ekmark 5-11
Aliyah Butts 5-5
Sierra Calhoun 6-1
Arella Gurantes 5-10

BY:Silverio Ford

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