Basketball Wall Street: “Miami Made Channise Lewis”

a-new-design-28Basketball Wall Street: ” Miami Made Channise Lewis”

Almost everyone loves the sport of basketball. We love to watch,we love to play,we love to write and talk about the game. However very few can call themselves a ball-player, Channise Lewis is a ball-player. Lewis can get anywhere on the court with the basketball using low measured and balanced protect dribbles,reverse pivot dribbles and a devastating cross-over dribble maneuver. At a rangy 5-foot-8 Lewis runs the show like a general and does not waste time shedding and blowing by defenders while keeping her head up and leveled to deliver crisp and exceptional passes to teammates. At this point her shot is good but needs better rotation and touch but that will come.“Her shot can be tightened up, and she will learn to be more vocal as the point guard,” “But she has the right demeanor — very stoic.” says Miami Country Day head coach Ochiel Swaby a former University of Miami men’s basketball standout. Lewis is just a freshman prospect but she is a very experienced and seasoned player out of the Miami area.“Most of our players, we’ve taught them the game from scratch,” “But Lewis grew up playing against boys. She’s been competing for a long time. She’s not intimidated by anyone.” says Swaby. Channise Lewis is Miami made and on her way to being an outstanding student-athlete.

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