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HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL 2012 - JAN 19 - Cardinal O'Hara defeats Ursuline Academy 40-39
Adrianna Hahn a 5-foot-7 class of 2015 prospect reminds the true basketball lifer why they love the game.Hahn out of Ursuline Academy in Delaware is a guard prospect with good ball handling dexterity and an outstanding feel for the game.Her shot is consistent in catch and shoot situations and off the dribble with a goose neck follow through.Hahn uses angles very well to beat defenders off the dribble and has the vision to find open teammates for easy scoring opportunities.Hahn was Delaware’s State Player of the Year last season as a true Sophomore.

justine hall regis jesuit co
Regis Jesuit HS located in Aurora Colorado and coached by Carl Mattei have 6 division one commitments on this seasons roster:
Neffie Cockley5-8 SR-Howard
Anna Ptasinski 5-9 SR-Lafayette
Kelsi Lidge 5-8 SR-Drexel
Justine Hall 5-11 SR-Purdue
Diani Akigbogun 6-1 SR-Texas
Jordan Molyneaux 6-4 SR-Seton Hall

sadie edwards
One of the better girls basketball high school events in the mid-atlantic region is the Beast of the East Showcase.The following are games of note at the Baltimore,Maryland showcase:
Blair Academy-NJ
Victoria NITP

Roland Park-MD
Long Island Lutheran-NY

Victoria NITP
Life Center Academy-NJ

St Marys Ryken-MD
Blair Academy-NJ

Riverdale Baptist-MD
Victoria NITP

Milford Mill-MD
South Shore-NY

victoria australia
lauren scherf
The Victoria National Intensive Training Program Team is Australia’s Junior National Basketball Development System directed and coached by Wayne Pollock.The top player of the lot is Lauren Scherf a 6-foot-5 forward/post who would be a class of 2014 prospect in the states.Gemma Fyffe 6-1 2015;Erin McKernan 5-9 2015;Molly Jovic 5-8 2014;Sam Moodie 5-10 2014 and Funda Nakkasoglu 5-11 2015 round out the top six of Victoria’s roster.

mcds all logo
McDonalds All-American Selection 2014 Rundown Part 1
The following prospects should be locks for a McDonald’s All-American East Coast Selection:
Kelsey Mitchell 5-8 OH
Aja Wilson 6-5 SC
Alexa Middleton 5-9 TN
Jataire White 6-4 NC
Sierra Calhoun 6-1 NY
shakayla thomas
The Following prospects are in contention for a McDonald’s All- American selection:
Taylor Rooks 6′ NJ
Jaime Cherry 5-6 NC
Myisha Hines-Allen 6-2 NJ
Bianca Cuevas 5-6 NY
Alyssa Rice 6-3 OH
Azura Stevens 6-4 NC
Zaire ONeal 6′ NJ
Alexa Hart 6-3 OH
Kathryn Westbeld 6-2 OH
Ariana Freeman 5-10 VA
Makayla Waterman 6-3 OH
Skakayla Thomas 6′ AL
Mychal Johnson 5-8 WV
Kaydra Duckett 5-10 SC
Victoria Vivans 6′ MS
Lynee Belton 6-2 MD
Vionise Pierre-Louis 6-3 FL

Depending upon the range of the prospects in a particular class the state of Texas and Illinois would decide if a particular prospect would be placed on the east squad or the west squad.
The following prospects are in high contention for a McDonald’s All-American Selection from Texas,Illinois and other mid-west locations:
Brianna Turner 6-3 TX
Ariel Atkins 5-11 TX
ReCee Caldwell 5-8 TX
McKenzie Calvert 5-10 TX
Brooke McCarty 5-5 TX
Khaalia Hillsman 6-5 IL
Jasmine Lumpkin 5-11 IL
Kortney Dunbar 6-2 IL
Chatrice White 6-3 NE
Gabrielle Ortiz 5-7 WI
Kenisha Bell 5-9 MN

The girls high school basketball rankings are great for discussion,fodder and just plan fun.The FullCourt outfit rankings are comprised by a committee of Clay Kallam;Kevin Powell;Bob Corwin;Dan Olsen and Kelly Kline.Prospects Nation is a girls basketball recruiting service outfit based in the Atlanta,Georgia area. Front man Brandon Clay has a staff in place that consists of Keil Moore;Stephen Peck;Jonathan Hemingway and original HoopGurlz disciple Chris Hansen.

Both outfits do an outstanding job covering girls grassroots basketball and their rankings basically have the same Top 10 give or take a few differences here or there.

Brianna Turner is ranked No.1 in FullCourts 2014 rankings and Kelsey Mitchell is the No.1 ranked prospect at Prospects Nations.Both prospects are well deserving of these laurels.

Both rankings have Lajhna Drummer ranked at No.10

Prospects Nation No.25 ranked prospect is Mikayla Venson 5-6 VA and FullCourts No.25 ranked prospect is Mariya Moore 6’CA

FullCourts No.50 ranked prospect is Chartice White 6-4 NE and Prospects Nations No.50 ranked prospect is Ariana Freeman 5-10 VA

Abrianna Porter 6-2 MO is committed to Missouri and ranked No.43 by FullCourt and unranked in Prospects Nations Top 100.

Kortney Dunbar 6-2 is committed to Tennesse and is ranked No.43 by Prospects Nation and unranked in the FullCourt Top 50.

McKenzie Engram 6-1 committed to Georgia and ranked No.38 by Prospects Nation and unranked in the FullCourt Top 50

Paris Kea 5-8 NC committed to Vanderbilt is ranked No.24 by Prospects Nation and unranked in the FullCourt Top 50

Alexa Hart 6-3 OH is ranked No.21 by Prospects Nation and unranked in FullCourts Top 50

The following are Prospects with the largest discrepancies in ranking:
Jaime Nared 6-1 CA is ranked No.9 by FullCourt and No.40 by
Prospect Nation

Taylor Rooks 6’NJ is ranked at No.18 by FullCourt and No.60 by
Prospects Nation

Azura Stevens 6-4 NC is ranked at No.57 by Prospects Nation and
No.15 by FullCourt

Haley Lorenzen 6-2 IA is ranked No.40 by FullCourt and No.106 by Prospects Nation

Bianca Cuevas 5-6 NY is ranked No.18 by Prospects Nation and No.34 by FullCourt

Jamie Cherry 5-6 NC is ranked No.79 by Prospects Nation and No.44 by FullCourt.

Victoria Vivians 6′ MS is ranked No.6 by FullCourt and No.64 by Prospects Nation

Sydney Brackmore 6’OH is ranked No.102 by Prospect Nation and No.48 by FullCourt.

Sadie Edwards 5-9 NJ is ranked No.38 by FullCourt and No.8 by Prospects Nation.

Shakayla Thomas 6′ AL is ranked No.12 by FullCourt and No.39 by Prospects Nation

In New Jersey:
Aliyah Huland-El 6-1 is ranked at No.23 by FullCourt and No.44 by Prospect Nation

Myisha Hines-Allen 6-2 is ranked at No.11 by Prospects Nation and No.24 by FullCourt

BY:Silverio Ford
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