LovePeopleSports:”All Name Team 2″

Andra Geno

BY: Silverio Ford

Andra Espinoza-Hunter 5-11 Blair Academy-NJ
Precious Featherson 5-9 Eastide-NJ
Diamante Martinez 6-2 Edna Karr-LA
Bailey O’Bryan 5-6 Madison Central-KY
Putnam Clairee 5-6 Central Catholic-NH
Harper Birdsong 5-9 Nansemond-Suffolk-VA
Abigail Wolf 6-3 Greenwich-CT
Zoe Goss 5-8 Sierra Canyon-CA
Madeline Dopplick 5-6 Millikan-CA
Kelly O’Flannigan 5-9 Monarch-CO
Kysre Gondreick 5-9 Benton Harbour-MI
Cheyenne Greenhouse 5-9 Canyon Springs-CA
Morgan Towells 5-7 Mercy Catholic-GA
Vionise Pierre-Louis 6-4 Grandview Prep-FL
Hunter Rowson 5-9 Bullis School-MD
Xitlali Roman 5-10 Milford-DE
Sarah Overcash 5-11 St Johns College-DC
Emma Guy 6-1 Wayne Central-NY
Genesis Perrymond 5-8 Parkview-GA
Khaleann Caron-Goudreau 6-3 IMG Academy-FL

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