Blacktop HS Files:Incarnate Word Academy-MO

nakia bell1

BY: Silverio Ford

Incarnate Word Academy-HS
St Louis,Missouri
Head Coach:Dan Rolfes

2013-14 Roster:

Nakia Bell 5-6-SR (Iowa State)
McKeena Treece 6-4-SR (Kansas State)
Madison Treece 6-4-FR
Naphessa Collier 6-1-JR
Gwen Adams 6′-SR (Southern Illinios)
Grace Fortmann 6′-FR
Sam Cooke 6′-So
Abbey Hoff 6′-So
Chastity Franklin 5-4 SR
Ivana Easley 5-8-So
Bradie Britzmann 5-6-So
Jennie Schnelting 5-9-SR


vs Elizabethtown-KY-64-28-(W)
vs Paul VI Catholic-VA-50-38-(W)
vs Blackman-TN-53-44-(W)

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