LovePeopleSports:New England 2015 Prospects

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BY: Silverio Ford

Dejane James 5-7 Capital Prep-CT
Jaylen Williams 6-4 Archbishop Williams-MA
Kristalyn Baisen 5-8 Berkshire School-MA
Maura Fitzpatrick 5-11 Mercy-CT
Alana Gilmore 5-11 Archbishop Willimas-MA
Kristen Daley 6-1 Rivers School-MA
Stephanie Jones 5-7 Loomis Chaffee-CT
Juliet Lawless 5-7 Pomfret
Alyssa Alston 5-6 Career Academy-CT
Kiah Gillespie 6-1 Capital Prep-CT
Erica Myers 6-2 Wilton-CT
Ashley Briggs 5-8 Scarborough-ME
Molly Reagan 6-2 Braintree-MA
Victoria Lux 6′ Catherine McAuley-ME
Ashley Story 6-1 Greely Scool-ME
Rachel Aho 6-1 Marianpolis Prep-CT
Bridget Nerlihy 6-1 Braintree-MA
Nancy Coulverson 6-1 Loomis Chaffee-CT
Samantha Sparda 5-9 Scarborough-ME
Margaret Rigney 5-9 Cheverus-ME
Cassandra Hayward 5-9 Pomfret

BY:Silverio Ford
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